The Cleveland Cavaliers might be leading the Eastern Conference standings but that doesn’t guarantee their entry into the finals of NBA. Rumours have it that if the Cavaliers fail to make it to the finals this season, LeBron James might leave the Eastern Conference for good.

“The organisation is confident James won’t leave again, but officials acknowledge it would be at least a slight possibility if Cleveland flames out. If he stays, James will have the clout to order another reconstruction…If LeBron thinks he’s running out of time, this specific group of stars has two months left to prove it can win at the highest level. These Cavs should make the Finals, but can they do more?” wrote ESPN senior writer Zach Lowe.

The NBA trade have been going on for a while. After Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City and Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, critics believe that James might not to be too happy with the Cavs. Or are these just rumours?

What fuelled more speculations is the fact that the Cavs’ Star, LeBron James, had unfollowed the Cleveland Cavalier’s official twitter account, noted the

The source quoted, “James also unfollowed the Twitter account of Austin Carr, the Cavs’ in-game analyst for Fox and a team legend, whom James admires. He parted ways with the account of ESPN Cavs reporter Dave McMenamin, and NBA reporter Chris Broussard, and Sports Illustrated’d Lee Jenkins. It was to Jenkins whom James dictated his essay announcing his return to Cleveland in the summer of 2014.”

Apart from the LeBron James trading rumours, Basketball Insider talked about the possibility of trading Jimmy Butler. The source noted that Butler missed a lot of games for the Bulls already.

The site further quoted, “There is no doubting that Butler may be the best trade chip the Bulls have and that if they want to seriously change the future of the team, moving Butler could and likely would return the biggest value. That said, the prevailing thought from inside the Bulls is that Butler is the last guy they want to trade, if they consummate a trade at all.”

The NBA summer trade-line is not far and the season might see a lot of options coming into fray. Stay tuned for more updates.