NBA Trade: Nene Traded by Washington Wizards?


The Washington Wizards are reportedly planning out another amendment in their squad, replacing their 32 year-old Brazilian power forward, Nene, to match head coach Randy Wittman’s latest offense design.

According to Yibada, the coach thinks the player wouldn’t be suitable to his offensive design.

Should he stay in the team, the Brazilian giant would be still in the squad but be relegated to the bench as a substitute for quite a while, as per the site.

Nene would turn into a free agent next summer and he could choose the team of his choice. As of yet, there is no team that has proposed to get his trade done. It’s very difficult to say whether the power forward would be content with the drastic step taken by the coach after being the backbone of the Wizards since 2012.

Nene has managed 11.0 points and 5.1 rebounds in 25.3 minutes in the previous season and is definitely not being substituted due to poor performance, as noted by the Bleacher Report.

Wittman, the man responsible for this crucial decision, said, “Nene’s going to continue, whether he’s a starter or non-starter, to get the minutes he’s gotten since he’s been here, I’m not going to play him any differently whether he’s a starter or not.”

Though the man who is going to replace the power forward with dreadlocks has not been confirmed yet, the new offensive strategies Wittman has designed needs a young lad who is much swifter than the veterans.

Besides the Wizards, there are many other teams who either want to trade their veterans or replace them with younger substitutes. NBA teams still have some time before the season starts by the end of the month.


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