NBA Trade: Derrick Rose to Lakers? Bobby Portis & Taj Gibson Traded Too?

Facebook/Derrick Rose

Both Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers could highlight a possible trade by signing superstar Derrick Rose following a potential Brandon Bass and Taj Gibson swap. Sources believe that Los Angeles Lakers could possibly revive Rose’s career after the move as he has been struggling with injuries.

Injury is not the only concern for the Bulls. Apparently, Rose has some issues with some of the Bulls’ players and it is in the best interest of both club and the player to make some necessary changes. Rumors have it that LA Lakers could possibly be his team and we might see him sharing the plate with Kobe Bryant in the near future.

According to Marquelaries Sportsblog, the LA star, Kobe Bryant has been tackling some injury problems, too.  The trade doesn’t seem to be a good option for the Laker; having to rope in an injured player to replace another, particularly someone suffering from the same issues. But it would definitely add some box office attraction to see Bryant and Rose play together on the court. Also, sources state, the lakers could give up Jordan Clarkson, Lou Williams and Nick Young.

The Basketball Insider reports that the Bulls have “the deepest front-court rotation in the league even before the draft” and with Bobby Portis getting linked to the Bulls, it would be interesting to note how much depth the Bulls need in their roster.

Head coach, Fred Hoiberg has publicly admitted that, “Portis is making rotation decisions challenging, considering the team’s thin swing rotation, it would be worth exploring whether Gibson and his extremely reasonable contract are worth cashing out for something a little more useful to the team.” Gibson is likely to get $8.9 million next year following this year’s $8.5 million.

Nothing has been finalized yet as the teams are still looking for significant changes in their roster.  While we ponder upon possible trade scenarios, we have to wait and see how the respective teams pull their triggers.

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