DeAndre Jordan is “Most Likely” to be traded this season as rumors continue to make rounds on his possible move from the Clippers.

The Clippers “went all in to bring back Jordan,” according to Yibada reports. However, it’s seems he may be leaving the franchise before the upcoming season ends.

Grantland’s Zach Lowe quoted Los Angeles Clippers team president/head coach Doc Rivers as saying, “I have no problem saying that. I’m a believer that teams can get stale. After a while, you don’t win. It just doesn’t work. We’re right at the edge. Oklahoma City is on the edge. Memphis, too. We just have to accept it.”

The experts argue that the Clippers have a fairly formidable formation with the likes of CP3, Blake and DJ but for the most part the trio isn’t a great fit upfront. If right trade pieces are offered to Rivers, he might just happily accept the offer and settle a deal for Jordan.

Same is true for Jordan, who has already proved that he can be a true force both in offense and defense by himself last season. Should he be traded away from LA, the center may find a home where he can finally be an All Star contender.

NBA expert, Ric Bluchar, told Bleacher Report, “What did they solve? Yes, he will get paid, but will he be an All-Star, is he gonna be happy with his role? They did just enough to bring him back.”

He exclaimed that Jordan may be on the trading block later in the season and predicted that “there won’t be a necessary shift with the Clippers and the problems that drove DJ to initially choose Dallas will persist.”

The NBA season starts this week and the experts have already put forward their views on the possible trade situation. However, we will have to wait and see how the dust settles down for the Clippers as well as Jordan.