NBA Trade 2015: Carmelo Anthony to Cavaliers, Kevin Love to Knicks?


With the new NBA season kicking off, the trade speculations for some players have also been accumulating all around off-court.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks seem to have come up with a grand trade scheme. The Cavs reportedly have an eye on New York’s Carmelo Anthony and might possibly barter their power forward Kevin Love to the latter team to complete the trade, according to

There are very few or no possibilities that the Knicks would mind such an offer by the Cavs, as they would acquire a young aggressive power forward in place of their ageing champ, Carmelo.

Cleveland, on the contrary, would add brighter colors to the canvas of their balanced squad by introducing Anthony.

The 31-year-old Knick is undoubtedly more experienced, given his triple Olympic appearances, and it seems that his virtuoso skillset would positively impact the team’s performance. The Digital Journal  says that the Cavs, who already renewed the contract of their doyen Lebron James, will be motivated to accelerate their scores this season with Carmelo sharing the yoke with him.

As for the 27-year-old lad, Kevin Love is equally skilled and noted as one of the rarest players in NBA who can pass, post up and score from the outside accurately.

Love was reportedly dissatisfied with his team and had no plans to stay with Cleveland. He allegedly had planned to move to the Lakers initially, as per Sports World Report. However, this off-season, Love has signed a longer contract with the Cavaliers, in the hopes to join the team in the NBA Finals again this 2016 season.

The Knicks seem to be building their team right from scratch and would want to be recruiting players with top favorite picks like Rajon Rondo, Marc Gasol, Goran Dragic and Reggie Jackson. While other players in this probable list are not as big a pinch to the Knicks’ pocket but they have to choose either of the two expensive ones Kevin Love or Rajon Rondo in order to crack a reasonable deal.

The speculations, so far, suggest that the Knicks might opt for Love over Rondo.

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