Draymond Green does it again. The Golden State Warriors succumbed to Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 3 with a 105-133 score.

However, it seems OKC had to sacrifice Steven Adams’ balls and strength for the victory. During the heated second quarter, Draymond Green charges with ball in hand only to land with a kick between Adams’ legs.

After game officials reviewed footage of the incident, Draymond Green was initially handed a Flagrant 1 foul violation by referee Scott Foster.

Fans in the Rip City home court chanted for Green to be ejected but officials let Green finish the game.

After Game 3 concluded with a loss for Green’s team, the NBA decided to release a heavier sentence on Green’s offence by giving him a Flagrant 2 foul instead. He was also slapped with a $25,000 fine but was notably not suspended for the succeeding games.

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ESPN notes that Draymond Green has already three flagrant points this season. In GSW vs OKC Game 2, he also hit Adams’ midsection. This incident earned him his first flagrant foul.

One more flagrant foul for Green and he gets automatic suspension as per NBA rules. He currently shares the same statistics as Toronto Raptors’ Bismarck Biyombo. Kevin Durant is also another player who’s trailing behind with two flagrant points.

GSW coach Steve Kerr was quick to defend his power forward, saying the kick was unintentional.

However, NBA executive Kiki VanDeWeghe clarified that “During a game, players — at times — flail their legs in an attempt to draw a foul but Green’s actions in this case warranted an additional penalty.”

After the second quarter’s violation though, it seems Green felt dejected and played very poorly. His rating was down to a -43, getting only 1 out of 9 shots in the ring.

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Even with GSW star players Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson releasing three-pointers everywhere, it seems Oklahoma City Thunder made the Golden State Warriors fall to their knees in this upset win of 133- 105.

Rip City is set to host the Golden State in Game 4 for the Western Conference Finals. The game is set for tomorrow, Wednesday, 25 May, at around 11:00AM NSW (Tuesday, 24 May, 9:00PM ET).