The latest NBA Rumors suggest that  Los Angeles Lakers player, Metta World Peace, could retire next season due to the fact that he had his worst season last year. He only averaged 3 points and 2.3 rebounds in only 35 games. However, as per the player, he is not retiring yet and he definitely still wants to play for the LA Lakers.

According to ESPN, Metta World Peace definitely wants to be back next season. Metta is currently life-coaching people that are mostly in the NBA. According to him, he tries to hand out good advice and also lives by the same rules to set an example. He just wants to be authentic given the fact that he’s in the world of corporate basketball. He has his sights set on coaching one day, but for now, he still wants to play.

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As per Metta, he’s still waiting for teams but given the chance, he would still play for the Lakers. He is not quitting basketball even if people think he can’t play anymore. He is reportedly working on trying to play for the LA Lakers for three more seasons.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the NBA, rumors are flying. A report by Sports Illustrated, shares that as the NBA preseason hits the halfway mark, there are couple of speculations buzzing around and the fans can’t stop trying to figure out which ones are true or not.

There are rumors that J.R. Smith is set to join The Boston Celtics. However he still hasn’t signed any contract with the said team. Smith’s name is surrounded by buzz, with the Cleveland Cavaliers said to be trying to bring him back.

Meanwhile, there are other teams who denied the rumors about them immediately. Vlade Divac of the Kings confirmed that they are keeping both Ben McLemore and Rudy Gay for the 2016-17 NBA season. The clarification came after it was rumored that they will involve the two players in a trade.

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On the other side, Fox Sports reported that there are NBA players who are most likely to be traded during the 2016-17 NBA season. The website listed  the names of those who they speculate could be successful playing for other teams including Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight and Ricky Rubio.

Another one of the players whose name is buzzing around and is likely to move to another team is Nick Young from the Los Angeles Lakers. With the team losing Kobe Bryant, they are looking for young, talented core players. Unfortunately, Young does not appear to have a part in the Lakers’ future.

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