Kardashians know how to be in the limelight. At times with their exposing pictures. At others, with their fight-romance-linkups saga. Joining the bandwagon here arrives Kendall. NBA rumors are making rounds the tinsel town and it has a name too, i.e. Jordan Clarkson. Are Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson dating? The spicy scoop is here!

Tittle-tattles are going around about the growing proximity between Kendall Jenner and basketball player Jordan Clarkson. The two were seen celebrating Fourth of July together in a special way.  Their weekend revelry in and around LA hinted that they are a little beyond just buddies.

the 4th in Malibu thanks to @airbnb ✌🏼️🇺🇸

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As reported by E! Online, Kendall and Jordan are now “casually dating.” Not just this, their relationship is cool enough to give them freedom to see others as well. The informer also added that  it’s “not anything very serious.”

Meanwhile, another informer said that both of them aren’t looking for a relationship at the moment. Whenever they are in town, they are hanging out together.  It held true this weekend. The paparazzi spotted the pair at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bootsy Bellows’ “Red White and Bootsy” party.


There was also news of Jordan spending some quality time with Kendall at a home in Malibu. It is a three-bedroom house, perched close to one of the most stunning beaches in Malibu.

There is no news on what went inside the house between the two, so far. At the same time, another source briefed that Jenner and Clarkson are trying to keep their relationship a low-key affair at least in public. Possibly because of that one hasn’t been able to spot any PDA snaps of their fun-loaded weekend including a night out at Nobu on Monday.

The supermodel might’ve been hinting at the relationship in an Instagram snap herself wearing a Lakers jacket with the caption “put me in coach.”

put me in coach

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As per an eyewitness, “Kendall was really mellow,” and “Kendall and Jordan didn’t seem flirty.” But there is something intense which certainly doesn’t fit into the definition of friendship.