The NBA Free Agency season is here again. The decisions of this year’s free agents are strong subjects of interest. We relay what we know so far on this year’s free agency.

One of the names making more buzz than the rest in this year’s free agency is Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. Reports last week detailed that Durant was considering six teams before making a decision. From those six, analysts closed in on the Golden State Warriors as the player’s potential top pick.

CBS Sports got a live blog and analysis on what has happened so far on the free agency front. Some of the highlights of the blog are below.

NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors Dump Bogut for Durant

NBA Free Agency

1. Durant’s choice potentially down to 3 teams

Aside from the buzz that Warriors was a top contender for Durant’s consideration, CBS Sports shared another strong possibility. The website recalls sources who said KD’s decision is almost a hundred percent with OKC. Still, this does not dismiss the fact that the other teams have a chance.

The CBS Sports blog’s update reported that Durant was impressed with the Clippers’ pitch. If the team’s marketing powers indeed made it through the tiniest bit of a crack, Durant’s decision boils down to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, another possibility has surfaced:

2. Celtics score Al Horford

Paul Flannery of SB Nation details that Horford’s move to Boston is the team’s first step towards a “revitalized” future. According to the website, Horford signing with the Celtics gives the team some credibility and a solution to some of their problems.

3. Guinobli re-signs with Spurs

ESPN reports that after announcing a 15th season return, Guinobli is expected to sign back with San Antonio.

4. Joakim Noah now with the Knicks

The New York Daily News reports that Noah agreed to a four-year deal with New York. Noah is joining his former Bulls teammate Derrick Rose.

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5. Deng to Lakers, bids Heat goodbye

CBS Sports details that Deng is now in a four-year deal with the lakers. According to the website, Deng offers a “veteran leadership” to the team.

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