The “NBA 2K17” cover revealed another all-star player, Jimmy Butler, shooting guard from the Chicago Bulls.

“NBA 2K17’s” official Twitter account earlier announced about revealing new playable characters to include in the roster one day at a time.

The revelation started last week with Paul George and Kobe Bryant who will be the cover athletes for the game.

On its first day of revelation, they announced Karl-Anthony Towns. On the same week, Andre Drummond, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were confirmed.

2K Sports’ style of revelation made the “NBA 2K17” avid players excited since they needed to be updated as to who would be the next in line for the new roster of the game.

On Thursday, Jimmy Butler was finally confirmed as the seventh cover athlete.

According to Chicago Tribune, he somewhat gave the audience a hint when he guested in “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week.

When asked about a full-court shot before, he immediately told the late-night show host “Yeah, in NBA.” The same source cited that Butler was actually referring to “NBA 2K17” than simply NBA.

It seemed that the fans didn’t bother with this important line that he stated in the show. Kimmel asked him again, “Do you ever practice full court shots?”

“In ‘2K’,” he said.

Yibada predicted that after Jimmy Butler, Isaiah Thomas, point guard from Boston Celtics, would be next in the roster of playable characters for “NBA 2K17.”

The report mentioned Thomas’ ball-heavy, run and gun offensive machine type of play and that he is unafraid to take on any defense.

By adding him in the upcoming gameplay, players would surely feel much more intense court game.

By Monday next week, the question of the identity of the last player to be revealed will become more hyped.

Fans should wait until 2K Sports reveals the last athlete to join “NBA 2K17” on Friday PST noon and Monday at the same time.

Stay tuned for more updates!