The much-awaited NBA 2K17 is now available worldwide. This makes NBA game fans go crazy for the new features it offers this year. One feature that fans are dying to have a sneak peak in the new NBA game is the added teams in the College roster.

In a report by Forbes, Da InFamous NY released its first big project for NBA 2K17 called NCAA 2K17. It features 39 of the top college programs. Da InFamous NY is one of the premier arena, uniform and logo creators in the NBA community. The company has successfully worked with NBA 2K16, ABA, Summer League and other theme jerseys.

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Watch the Roster Trailer to see the new amazing level of details of the uniforms, courts and logos.

Meanwhile, in the older NBA 2K16, players are just allowed to select between 10 colleges namely Arizona, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan (Wolverines), Texas, UCLA, Connecticut, Villanova and Wisconsin in the MyCareer mode.

But what makes it different from the new NBA 2K17 is that there was no option to play with the college teams in other online modes such as Play Now Online or even offline modes.

Fortunately, in NBA 2K17, gamers are now allowed to play college teams against Pro NBA Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers even after the college quotient is completed in My Career. Users can choose between Arizona, Georgetown, Illinois, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State (Spartans), Oklahoma, Texas, UConn, and Wake Forest.

Here are the instructions provided by Da InFamous NY for setting up the college experience. Gamers should be patient since it requires some detailed steps.

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However, there’s a disclaimer saying that the College roster is meant to be played for only one season. Once a player finishes the season, he may restart a new MyLeague/Season and redo the step-by-step procedure.

Gamers can enjoy the new feature by purchasing each team in the College roster for $1.99. However, gamers can also buy the entire bundle for $14.99.

In a report shared by Morning News USA, the all-time teams are strictly for the Play Now (Online or Offline) modes and cannot be altered. This means that gamers can’t edit the teams or players included.

Stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 updates!