You have to see to believe it. This is one of the “funniest” mods to ever feature in the NBA 2K16 and you can simply feel the groove.

As per the Fox Sports reports, NBA 2k16 mod turns “Steph Curry and LeBron into creepy NBA dancers”. The website further quotes, “You’ll never be able to unsee Steph, LeBron and more dropping it like it’s hot midcourt.”

Jonathan Bradley in his article writes about the “phenomenal” stuff sport video modders do to keep the excitement high. He writes, “The vast community is responsible for keeping some of the biggest and best sports video games updated with the latest league-wide changes and roster updates, as well as quirky tweaks that almost change the game completely.”

But have they gone too far? Explores Bradley.

According to the source, a modder who goes by the name of “MKElite” on Youtube and Twitter, “swapped the faces and bodies of NBA players with in-game NBA 2k16 dancers and it turned out really … weird.”

Here is the video.

The video is indeed funny. Evan Narcisse of Kotaku writes, “It’s hilarious watching Steph Curry, Lebron James and other hoop greats getting loose at halfcourt.”

“But the disturbing part of this NBA 2K16 abomination by veteran modder MkElite is the disappearing crotches. Are those pelvises still there but invisible? Or has the perversion of code made Bron’s junk non-existent? Your nightmares hold the answer.”

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