‘NBA 2K16’ Soundtrack: Calvin Harris & Jay Z Tracks Confirmed; NBA 2K Boombox Revealed

2K Sports has released the list of songs that will be included in the upcoming “NBA 2K16”.

After announcing that this year’s release of the annual “NBA 2K” game will feature the “most extensive soundtrack in NBA 2K history with three genre-defining collaborators at the helm,” the game developers have revealed the official “NBA 2K16” playlist online.

“Listen to the most extensive soundtrack in NBA 2K history right now featuring DJ Mustard, DJ Khaled and DJ Premier,” NBA 2K posted on Facebook, together with a link to the Spotify playlist.

The post added that six more exclusive tracks will be released at “a later date.”

“‘NBA 2K16’s’ soundtrack will be comprised of six in-game playlists, including three lists individually curated by each producer, an international ‘Around the World’ playlist, the 2K Classics Mixtape featuring fan favorites from previous 2K titles, and a master playlist that includes all 50 tracks from this year’s selection,” a press release for the video game described, Design&Trend noted.

Aside from the previously confirmed tracks from Selena Gomez and Zedd, tracks from Ace Hod, Nas, J. Cole, Fergie, Imagine Dragons, Santigold, One Republic, Calvin Harris and Jay Z will also be featured on the video game.

“As one of the most successful entertainment properties of the last decade, ‘NBA 2K16’s’ partnership brings together their [DJ Mustard, DJ Khaled and DJ Premier] unique creative direction in curating more than 50 tracks and contributing a total of six new exclusive tracks to this year’s title,” the press release added.

And as if its massive playlist isn’t enough, 2K Sports is also introducing its first ever “NBA 2K16” Boombox. Announced late last week, the 2K merchandise will feature mixtapes and a boombox — a nod to old school street basketball, where analog mixtapes were “balsted on street courts through the legendary boom box,” the announcement read.

No word yet when or where the boombox will be sold.

“NBA 2K16” will hit stores on September 29, 2015.

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