‘NBA 2K16’ Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay: Pro-Am, Tony Parker & Cavaliers Update

2K Sports is working double time on its newest video game, “NBA 2K16”. New updates on gameplay, cover athletes and game modes have been revealed and we have the latest lowdown on what to expect come September’s release.

First up, Pro-Am.

2K has confirmed via Twitter that they’re bringing back the Pro-Am game mode to “2K16”. It even released a teaser for the game mode.

Much like the previous Crew Mode which was last seen on “NBA 2K14”, Pro-Am will allow gamers to build their own teams, have their own logos, wear their own jerseys and play in their own arena. Available via online gaming, friends can play five-on-five matches against other crews around the world to rise on the leaderboards, Bleacher Report noted.

“This is the first major step toward making NBA 2K a part of the rapidly growing e-sports world. That is a huge step for the franchise from a business standpoint, but it’s also potentially a ton of fun for gamers,” the site added.

Pro-Am is definitely something to look forward to.

Next on the list is Tony Parker’s “NBA 2K16” cover. The athlete will reportedly be gracing the cover of the video game for the France Edition. While nothing has been confirmed, Project Spurs reports that the proud French athlete will have his second video game cover after appearing on EA Sports’ “NBA Live 09”.

“I am very proud to be on the cover of NBA 2k16, a game that I like. I am very happy to be part of the selection that always puts forward the best players in the NBA,” the site quoted Parker saying.

2K Sports has yet to confirm the reports.

Now down to the final update: the Cleveland Cavaliers will be having its own anthem included in the official “NBA 2K16” playlist. has confirmed that the “Cavs Version” of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Till I Die” will be included in DJ Mustard’s game playlist.

“There’s no official word on what the ‘Cavs Version’ of the song entails. Though the Spotify playlist for the soundtrack features MGK’s original version of ‘Till I Die,’” the site noted.

“NBA 2K16” will drop in stores on September 29, 2015.

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