‘NBA 2K16’ Release Date & Trailer: Steph Curry My Career Preview Released; 2 More Trailers Coming Soon

“NBA 2K16” is just a few weeks away and buzz about the game continues to build up.

The latest update about the much anticipated game comes in the form of a new trailer featuring reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry and narrated by Award-Winning director Spyke Lee. Now, that’s one trailer worth watching.

Entitled “Beyond the Shadows”, the new video almost looks and feels like a movie trailer. But we’re not surprised, given that Spyke Lee is at the helm of the video game.

The new preview mixes clips from the Golden State Warriors guard’s early years as a kid, to his College days in Davidson, to being drafted in the NBA, to being the current MVP and Champion. It also features gameplay videos from “NBA 2K16”, showing how life-like the graphics are.

“The trailer chronicles Curry’s rise from a lightly recruited high school player in North Carolina to a superstar at Davidson University to his epic impact with the Warriors,” Bleacher Report described.

While there wasn’t much in-game “NBA 2K16” clips shown in the trailer, the preview sets the feel for the new MyCareer game mode which will be directed by Spyke Lee.

While 2K Sports has not revealed anything, given that Curry is only one among three cover athletes for “2K16”, fans can probably expect two more versions of the trailer focusing on Anthony Davis and James Harden.

GameSpot also confirmed this idea, adding that Steph’s trailer is only the “first in a three-part miniseries about NBA 2K16’s three cover stars.”

“NBA 2K16” will drop in stores on September 29, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC consoles.

Pre-orders are already available and gamers who purchase early will also be able to play the game four days earlier, 2K Sports confirmed.

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