‘NBA 2K16’ New MyCareer Trailer is Winning! Draymond Green Video Bombs in Preview

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2K Sports has just released the newest trailer for the upcoming basketball simulation game, “NBA 2K16”.

Titled “#Winning”, the preview highlights the new animations and features of the game that are impressively life-like. The 3-minute clip features some of the top stars in the league right now, including LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, Demarcus Cousins, James Harden, Anthony Davis and Ben McLemore among others.

From mad handles to jump shots, dunks and blocks, the “NBA 2K16” looks better than the past installments of the video game franchise. Not to mention the gestures and mannerisms of each player that were on-point — Curry chewing on his mouthpiece and Harden cooking it up.

“The promo showcases some of the new wrinkles and facets developed for the franchise’s latest edition, most notably the distinct upticks in mouth-fiddling realism and postgame prankery,” Bleacher Reports wrote.

The trailer even shows in-game celebrations, like Paul George being carried by his teammates, and video bombing. Yes, video bombing — one thing NBA stars LOVE to do during interviews.

What makes the trailer even more exciting is the post-credits scene which seems to give the first and best preview of the “NBA 2K16” MyCareer gameplay.

In the scene, the player films the announcement of his college choice.

“I have decided to go to the great University of…” before the trailer ends.

It was previously reported that the game mode will start before the NBA Drafts, with gamers having the option to choose when to declare their intentions to join the drafts. The clip coincides with these reports so fans should expect something new from game mode for “2K16”.

“The addition will likely be included in NBA 2K16’s MyCareer mode, where players create their own budding hoops star and guide them to a Hall of Fame NBA career,” USA Today noted.

“In previous editions, players would participate in a series of exhibitions before getting drafted to a pro team. This time, it appears players start in high school, choosing their college before moving to the NBA.”

With the September 29 release nearing, fans can expect more updates and sneak previews for “NBA 2K16”.

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