NBA 2K16 Glitch: Quincy Acy Slaps Ryan Anderson [WATCH]

Basketball fans and NBA gaming lovers would definitely find something funny with the new “NBA 2K16” version. Released last month, it was being touted as the most realistic game available in the market today but it appears to be too realistic, more so, aggressively.

Quincy Acy of the Sacramento Kings first released the glitch on his Instagram account and later was picked up by several news sources depicting a comic glitch. The Instagram video instantly went viral as NBA lovers found it rather confusing. The apparent bug showed Alexis Ajinca slapping Ryan Anderson several times across the face.

According to Bird Writes, the controversy erupted when Ajinca fouls Kosta Koufus, after which he was seen slapping Anderson several times in the glitch. The post also quoted, “Not surprisingly, Anderson decides to not fight back, conceivably acknowledging his error.”

Reports suggested that there weren’t too many glitches or apparent error related to the 2K16 version of the game. The glitch depicted an assault on his fellow teammate. The makers of the shows still have not commented on the issue, though, it might not be too late before they release their official statement on the error and focus on fixing it.

No site has confirmed whether the glitch was restricted to one team or has pervaded the other 29 teams in the game version. Well, Ajinca, might have found some humor amidst the controversy.

The CBS Local noted, Quincy Acy took on the microblogging site to express his concern for the side with a lot of smileys, as it was quoted on his twitter account, “bro 2K got boys out here slapping teammates, I guess he shoulda had help side”.

Ajinca replied saying, “I told him (Ryan Anderson) to get away from me he didn’t listen lmao”.


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