The New Jersey Swamp Dragons is here. Or at least, it “almost happened”.

ESPN senior writer Zach Lowe enlisted several design experts, including Tom O’Grady, the NBA’s former creative director, to help him rank all 30 team logos. What he found out was something next to “ridiculous”.

Lowe in his latest blog wrote, “O’Grady sifted through his archives, and unearthed a treasure: mock-ups of all the proposed uniforms, court designs, logos, shooting shirts, and warm up jackets — most of which have never been made public — the New Jersey Nets conjured when they nearly changed their name to Swamp Dragons two decades ago.

“Yes, this happened. It was a flashbulb moment for any NBA geek growing up in the Tri-State area — a goof only the sad-sack Nets would try. Recovering O’Grady’s trove of lost designs was the only excuse we needed to take a trip down memory lane with all the key players.”

All the images have been originally posted by ESPN. 

Logo 1via Taylor Glascock for ESPN
Logo 2via Taylor Glascock for ESPN
Logo 3via Taylor Glascock for ESPN
Logvia Taylor Glascock for ESPNo 4via Taylor Glascock for ESPN
Logo 5via Taylor Glascock for ESPN
Logo via Taylor Glascock for ESPN6via Taylor Glascock for ESPN
Logo 7via Taylor Glascock for ESPN

Jon Spoelstra, Former Nets President stated, “We had no redeemable history. We had never won anything, and our name — it was like calling the Yankees the “New York Second Bases.” The team never had a chance with that name.”

While we speak of the history and the “ridiculousness” behind the story, NBA 2K16 always finds a way to take the fun to another level.

As reported by Polygon, The New Jersey Swamp Dragons “live on through the magic of video games.”

NBA 2K16 New Jersey Swamp Dragons Jersey & Court Tutorial

According to the sources, “Xbox One user ‘Da Infamous NY’ painstakingly recreated the Swamp Dragons’ proposed uniforms from the images included in ESPN’s story.”

The user also made the uniforms available webgemsnyc.

NBA 2K16 has a uniform creation suite that allows users to upload custom images to a server and then, in a few short steps, scale and fit them to a uniform template.

You can try the experience and let us know  your feedback in the comment section below.