The Philadelphia 76ers luckily landed the top pick in the NBA 2016 Draft in the league’s yearly lottery. The 76ers is considered this year’s league worst with a 10-72 record.

Coach Brett Brown told ESPN that the pick is going to do good for the city of Philly and that the fans deserve this. He added that “In many ways I feel we have been rewarded for the city’s perseverance … It gives us the injection that we need. We believe the pieces around us give us, even more, hope.”

Coach Brown said that he feels that this bears out the pain that the players have suffered from all the losses in the previous few seasons.

The LA Lakers got the second pick while the Boston Celtics grabbed the third.

No one moved up in the lottery. The rest of the 14 teams are slotted according to the opposite order of their won-loss record.

Philadelphia had a 27 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick. This is from the 76ers own 25 percent chance and Sacramento’s 2 percent chance because the 76ers had the option to swap picks with Sacramento from a past trade.

The Sixers hired Bryan Colangelo as their president of basketball operations, who drafted Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid in the top three in the past two drafts.

The 76ers joined the lottery with the hope that the Lakers would not have a top-three pick. Because of the protections discussed into the Steve Nash trade in 2012, the Lakers had to forward their pick to the Sixers if it was not part of the top three. The Lakers, who completed a horrible 17-65, had a higher chance to land a top-three pick at 56 percent.

Former Lakers player Magic Johnson posted on Twitter his congratulations saying that Lakers fans “should be happy with the No. 2 pick because the Lakers will get another really good player”.

The NBA 2016 Draft will be on June 23 in New York. Fox Sports reported that Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons are considered the top two picks.