NBA 2015 News: Lebron James Will be NBA Champion This Year Says GMs

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The annual GMs survey is out and they have predicted who will be bagging the championship in the upcoming season.

The NBA general managers have shown immense faith in Lebron James as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers to win this year’s NBA Championship. The GMs picked Cleveland Cavaliers instead of the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, with 53.8 percent of the votes casted in the Cavs’ favor.

King James, touted to be the best player in NBA, has been predicted to claim his fifth MVP award this season with 39.3 percent vote, in his second year since returning to Cleveland. He has been voted the league’s best leader (44.6%) and small forward (89.3%), the Daily News Notes.

When it comes to the best coach, Gregg Popovich has nearly swept all coaching categories in the same poll. Popovich was voted “best head coach (93.1%), best manager/motivator of people (48.3%), head coach that makes the best in-game adjustments (37.9%) and has the best defensive schemes (31.0%)” as per the official reports.

When it comes to best building blocks, Durant (6.9%) and James (6.9%) didn’t even come close to Anthony Davis with 86.2 percent votes. The New Orleans star was also voted the best power forward with 82.1 percent votes, as the 22-year-old Pelican was deemed worthy of being the future MVP player with 25 percent votes.

However, the most surprising feature of this year’s survey was the fact that the defending champions, Warriors, only got 17.9 percent votes when asked if they can win back-to-back championships. It is the lowest percentage for a defending champion in the 13-year history of the survey, according to The sign of confidence was disappointing as the team slipped in the ranking system.

The ESPN reports that the GMs responded to most ever questions, a tally of 49 questions which included “included new queries, such as what rule most needs changed and which new coach will make the most impact.”

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