NBA 2015: Michael Jordan vs LeBron James – ‘I Could Beat LBJ’

Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time, but many fans still think LeBron James can beat him at any court. To end all debate, His Airness finally gave his two cents on whether he can beat LBJ, and he answered it the best way possible — “No question.”

During a Q&A session at the 20th Michael Jordan Flight camp in Santa Barbara, California, MJ openly answered a few of the most wanted questions for the great. Among the highlights of the night, however, was when Jordan was asked about four-time MVP, LeBron James.

So could he have beaten LBJ in his prime? Michael’s answer was an easy “Yes”.

“If I was in my prime, could I beat Lebron in a one-on-one game? No question. And he’s going to say no question,” Michael confirmed as quoted by Sports Illustrated.

He also acknowledged that his answer will probably make headlines, and true enough they did.

“This is the ESPN question. I know it’s going to be all over ESPN.”

While MJ did say he could beat LeBron in his prime, he confirmed though that King James has the height and built advantage. And if he were to play a one-on-one match today, he’d pick current NBA MVP Steph Curry over LBJ.

“Right now? Well, I’d go against Stephen Curry because I’m a little bit bigger than him so I could back him in, but LeBron’s a little bit too big,” he revealed, notes

The 6-time champion also shared his thoughts on Kobe Bryant who he calls his “good friend”.

“Actually, Kobe and I are good friends. I like Kobe. We talk a lot…I think he’s one of the great players of the game. I think he’s done a lot for the game and he has a true love for the game of basketball. I absolutely have a high regard for him,” Jordan revealed, before adding “even though he stole all my moves, but that’s OK. I still love him like a brother.”

Watch the Q&A below.

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