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NBA 2015: LaMarcus Aldridge 150 Pairs of Shoes has Own House? [Video]

How do you know you’ve made it big? When you have your own home? Own car? A few thousand dollars in the bank? Try $80 million dollars and a separate house for your shoe collection. At least that’s what LaMarcus Aldridge has.

The newly signed forward has already moved to San Antonio after moving sealing a deal with the Spurs. Aldridge will receiving a max deal of $80 million for four years, so it’s no surprise that he shelled out some good money on a new home in Texas. What’s surprising though is that the All-Star revealed he’s having “a little showroom” behind his house just for his kicks.

In an interview with Slam Magazine, he confirmed that he is “in the process of building a separate house behind my house just for shoes — a little showroom.”

“It would be cool”, he added.

According to Aldridge, he has a “crazy shoes right now”, with more than 150 pairs. His new home already has a “massive closet” and a “huge shoe section” but somehow his pairs just won’t fit inside the house. The answer to his rich man’s problem? A house just for his shoes.

The New York Post noted that Aldridge is known for posting photos of his shoes online, clearly he has a close relationship with his sneakers.

“The serial shoe-snapper, who regularly posts photos of his tricked-out kicks on social media, will be sharing sneaker-selfies from a whole new locale this year,” the site noted.

Aside from his shoe collection, LaMarcus’ game is expected to make headlines this coming NBA season. Averaging 23.4 points, 10.2 rebounds and 1.0 blocks per game, Spurs fans are excited to see him bring his A-game to an already strong team. The Spurs are seen to be crown contenders this season.

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