NBA 2015: Jeremy Lin, ‘Biggest Acquisition’ Says Michael Jordan

Facebook/Jeremy Lin

Charlotte Hornets’ team owner Michael Jordan has pointed out Jeremy Lin as their “Biggest Acquisition”. Accompanying his team to China for NBA Global Games China 2015, he spoke to reporters in Shenzhen about Lin, who is of Asian-American descent, reported the Score.

Following their missed opportunity to qualify for the playoffs last season, the Hornets made a “series of serious changes” in their side as they dropped Lance Stephenson to the Clippers for Spencer Hawes, then traded Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh for Nicolas Batum, drafted Frank Kaminsky and signed Jeremy Lin, the CBS Sports reported.

Jordan seems more than happy to rope in the fresh talent as he feels that his inclusion will make a big difference. Talking to the Xinhua News Agency, he said, “We just got Jeremy Lin, who I think is going to be our biggest acquisition. His penetration, his shooting capability, his point guard savvy, he can really pass the basketball, his energy about the game of basketball something.”

Hornet’s Coach Steve Clifford believes in Batum to be one of the top options on the offense, but Jordan thinks otherwise. Obviously, Batum is a proven and more experienced player but Lin’s popularity, as pointed out by the team owner, will boost Hornets garner popularity in both America and East Asia, particularly China.

Lin has been very clinical with his performance last year as he shot 36.9 percent behind the arc. The team would also like to capitalise on Lin through apparel and ticket sales, CBS Sports notes.

Though Lin might not be considered the “best acquisition” for the Hornets, he is definitely worth going for. The management feels that he will continue to run his good performance through to the regular season. He is a key signing as the Hornets lay heavy focus on the 3-pointers.

Lin played a key role already, living upto Jordan’s expectations, as he scored 16 points with four assists and checked three rebounds in their win over the Clifford last Saturday.

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