NBA 2015: Anthony Bennett Signs with Phoenix Suns?


The Phoenix Suns are known for their offensive strategies which primarily focusses on sturdy swift footed guards breaking through the  the opponent’s defense.

However, the power forward position of the team is still under question, according to Fox Sports, following a disagreement between the Arizona management and their prominent power forward, Markieff Morris. Sports World Report noted that the 26-year-old was annoyed by the fact that his twin brother and teammate Marcus Morris was traded off to Detroit Pistons and his appeal to be traded was bluntly rejected by the team’s management.

Since another dominant power forward, Channing Frye, was transferred to the Orlando Magic last year, the Suns are looking for someone to fill up this gap immediately.

Anthony Bennett, the 22-year-old forward from Minnesota Timberwolves, is reportedly bought out by the Suns.

While Yahoo Sports said the Canadian was a shocking choice when the Cleveland Cavaliers had him as a no.1 pick in 2013, since Bennett had issues regarding his heavy body and was prone to injury as per the report, he has shown improvement thus far.

Valley of the Suns noted that Bennett had played pretty well off-season and there is a lot of improvement in his game, so it wouldn’t be a loss to the Phoenix Suns if they include him in the squad. He contributed quite well in the victory and a silver medal for his national team Canada, and had an average of 15.6 points and 10.4 rebounds per game in the Pan American games 2015 held this summer, the site mentioned.

The decision is still considered as a dicy one by a lot of experts who are still unsure whether the Canadian would be able to impress as power forward which is actually required by the Suns. Apart from the Phoenix Suns, Bennett is also reported to be an interest for other teams like the Portland Trail Blazers, Philadelphia 76ers and his former team Cleveland Cavaliers as per Fox Sports.

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