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NASA REPORT : NASA Crawler Transporters


According to the Guinness Book of Records, the coal from the creators TAKRAF SRs-8000 series (.pdf) the largest land vehicles in the world. The monster that may carry the record, however, listening to the name Bagger 293 and creates lignite. A mud figure to the lowest type of coal with excavation for the goorste combustion. The series is also powered externally. In contrast to the approximately 2800-ton NASA Crawler-Transporters CT-1 and CT-2. Their load speed is 1.6 km / h (empty 3.2 km / h) indeed crawl, but they do so on their own. With two thick hp 2750 Fairbanks Morse Alco V16 diesels as main power sources.

Initially to provide three-stage Saturn V rockets (the largest) to the launch site. Here’s Apollo went to the moon to get their crews with small steps giant leaps, where she greats were with. But steps that are repeated ad nauseam, but that’s another story.

Who is the “greatest”? A dirty coal thing? Or that huge jumps mega-enabling platform? Admittedly, the question is somewhat suggestive, but the answer seems clear. NASA’s Crawler-Transporters are the largest. Built by the Marion Power Shovel Company. A company that mainly constructed coal creators, but never mind.

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