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Nasa :NASA’s Dawn spacecraft approaches the dwarf planet Ceres, which recently photographed some mysterious dots.


The spacecraft was at 46,000 kilometers from the planet a photo of two white dots in a crater on the dwarf planet.

Friday the probe will be put into orbit around Ceres and scientists can gather more information about the strange stains, but especially about the composition and history of Ceres.


The examination of Dawn must in the first place, lead to new insights about the origin of planets. Ceres is located in the asteroid belt, a region in the solar system consisting of hundreds of thousands of small objects.

By coagulation of these objects Ceres grew to the size of a dwarf planet. But the lump of rock and ice never reached a mature planet size. The scientists hope to gain more insight into this process.


Furthermore Ceres interesting because the planet for about 20 per cent consists of ice. There may even be found an underground ocean of liquid water under the surface.

About the origin of the mysterious white spots are photographed on the planet, is also speculation. Some scientists suspect that it is a kind scars of meteorite impacts or minerals deposited by active geysers, reports Scientific American.

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