While not really a 10, “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” promise spectacles, features and fun any fighting game can offer in order to merit a 7 rating.

There is much criticism about the game’s straightforward controls, as reviewed by Metro. Simple presses of buttons effortlessly unleash special moves that pack quite a punch. Connect these unique attacks and the players earn a spectacular combo that wasn’t given much thought or effort to pull off. When an enemy is being overwhelmed, he will attempt to escape but it will only take a simple command for your fighter to gap the distance – regaining the rhythm of beating the straggler.

The simple controls may bore any dedicated gamer of the fighter genre but Ninja Storm 4 offers 50 playable characters whose skills open for more diversity, although some non-fans might get confused over characters who look alike and may potentially be the same individual.

To those players who find that the simplicity of the controls is starting to dawn in on them, they might want to give online mode a try. Going against another character who has a mind of his own will certainly be more challenging. According to Stevivor, this becomes an arena where blocking and charging skills are most vital.

The story mode, however, is where non-fans will suffer because it will appear puzzling to those who were not able to follow the Naruto manga and anime. This is to be expected from a tie-in game, especially from a fighting game where storytelling capabilities are limited to cutscenes and one on one battles. However, the story scenes are awesome enough that even those unfamiliar with the animated series will have their jaws dropping in no time albeit not as much as the fans.

Quick time events offer an interactivity, although limited, with the flow of the battle and presents details that fans will certainly appreciate.

It is the best anime game with regards to gorgeous graphics and is considerably friendly to newcomers. It has just been released and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As reported in Siliconera, it has sold about 1.3 million copies worldwide.