“My Kitchen Rules” contestants Mike and Tarq hit all the right notes with their entrée and mains. However, their dessert let them down. As a result, the father-son team had to bid adieu to the ever popular cooking competition.

Mike and Tarq, the father and son team from Queensland, have impressed “My Kitchen Rules (MKR)” judges so far and it was expected that they would breeze through the sudden death round against Victoria’s Eve and Jason. However, despite their impressive two courses, the team faltered with their dessert that proved to be their waterloo.

News.com.au states that their entrée of Thai prawn bisque with prawn toast was as perfect as it could be. The judges loved it and opined that they would be happy to eat it in a restaurant. “Coming from home cooks, I think this is pretty good,” said judge Manu Feildel. “If I was in a restaurant and I was eating that, I’d be really happy. Full stop,” he added.

Next up was their mains which consisted of sesame crusted tuna with homemade soba noodles. While their made-from-scratch soba noodles received due praise and appreciation, the dish overall divided the judges. While many loved the flavours, Colin Fassnidge thought the tuna portions were way too big, informs Yahoo News. “I think it’s out of proportion. I think it’s a good dish but I think it’s a clumsy dish as well,” he revealed. “For me, the only negative was that the little pickle on top — the red onion — just one element too much for me,” added another judge, Pete Evans.

When it came to desserts, Eve and Jason got a slight upper hand whose butterscotch pears with ginger cake and yoghurt sorbet won against Mike and Tarq’s Indian rice pudding with stone fruit compote. The latter plated their dessert despite a kitchen disaster when much of their rice was lost after the tray slipped from Tarq’s hands.

“There wasn’t enough creaminess in the rice,” said Feildel. “And I couldn’t really taste any flavours of India either,” he added.

According to News.com.au, the dessert brought down the team’s overall score to 39 against the 41 scored by Eve and Jason, leading to their exit from the show.