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Muhammad Ali Dead: Last Words, Funeral Details

Muhammad Ali Dead: Last Words, Funeral Details

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Boxing’s “Greatest” legend, Muhammad Ali is dead at 74. He died in a Phoenix, Arizona hospital after being brought in for treatment for respiratory complications.

“After a 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74. The three-time World Heavyweight Champion boxer died this evening,” Spokesperson Bob Gunnell released the official statement moments after the boxing legend’s death.

Ali’s Last Known Medical Condition

Hours before his death, a source close to the family has been quoted by CBC saying “It is just a matter of hours.” After being found barely breathing in his home, Ali was rushed to a hospital outside Phoenix, Arizona. He was on life support for the rest of his hospital stay before finally being knocked out by death.

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Muhammad Ali’s Last Words

Born Cassius Clay, the boxing legend left words that stung just as his punches hurt in the ring. His last known public statement was a criticism of Republican nominee, Donald Trump and his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering America. He said, “We as Muslims have to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda.”

During his last years, Ali suffered a loss of words due to his Parkinson’s disease. But in a 2009 NPR article, his wife shares Ali’s words in essay saying “Nothing in life has defeated me. I am still the “Greatest.” This I believe.”

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Ali’s Funeral Details

Muhammad Ali will be laid to rest in his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky.

Hours before Ali’s death, preparations were already underway for the boxing legend’s funeral.

Bob Gunnell, the family’s spokesperson has further added “The Ali family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support and asks for privacy at this time.”

ESPN reports flags in his hometown, Louisville will be raised half-mast to mourn for the boxing legend’s death.

  • Adam

    May Allah Grant Him Jannah. Amen.

  • Muhammad Ishaque

    rest in peace brother you prove and lived life as true muslim a real legend MUHAMMAD ALWAYS GREATEST WILL BE GREATEST FOR EVER

  • halimacandy215

    Ali Akbar!!
    Black African Pride, Black Power, Black Consciousness!! Ali was a living symbol of African strength and continued to his last breath to fight for African liberation. In the black community, his fights stood for the reclamation of African honor and respect. He is Beloved, because as a human he supported and recognized the suffering within his Black community.
    He spoke about the need for Economic self-sufficiency for Black folks [Marcus Garvey], the challenges for psychological reframing [African identities], recognizing traditional African cosmology/religions [ African Mystery Systems], and socio-cultural recognition [ African Centered Agencies].
    He spoke in plain language during his speaking tours about the acknowledgement of the Re-Africanizing of the African Diaspora, as well as the Empowerment and unification of the Black community from Brazil to Australia to London. Don’t try to whitewash, Ali!!

    His argument and clarity on the continued attempts within the criminal Injustice system to enforce subjugation upon the Black community is Still Relevant!!

    He is still a champion of the Black community, he never sold out his Black identity/consciousness [ African 1st !!] or his position on African unity and will forever be remembered for his, radical position on ‘white supremacy ‘as the enemy to peace, equality, equity and social justice worldwide.
    He was tremendously influence under the teachings of the Hon.Elijah Muhammad, [ his psychological/political transformation and process from negro to Black African Man] within which he developed the framework for upholding his Black pride and as well as his re-education into a social activist.

    He was a companion to as well as student, of Master Malcolm X. [ El Hajj. Malik El. Shabazz/ Omowali]. Master.Bro. Malcolm, was a tremendous influence and role model, for Ali’s perspective on Social Justice movements within the framework of Black consciousness [resistance to white supremacy] and Black liberation strategies.

    Ali, until and beyond his passing, is /will be, a humble Muslim man. May Allah/God Protect and Bless him and Grant Him Mercy and Compassion in the next life and Here After.

  • Julio Pimentel

    I have 3 Muhammad Ali rings.