Are super models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid your next best friend #goals?

BFFs Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift may have been the queens of this year’s Grammy Awards. But the MTV Movie Awards 2016 were Jenner and Hadid’s night. The two super models may not have been nominated for any award this year. However, according to MTV News, they were easily the “most entertaining part” of the whole event. Below, we round up five moments from this year’s MTV Movie Awards that proved Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are the ultimate best friends.

1. When They Helped Each Other Get Ready For The Event

Jenner and Hadid are both fashion icons. It is then not surprising that they would need all the help they can get every time they dress up. According to Just Jared, the Kardashian’s little sister posted a photo of herself being helped into her DSquared2 sandals before the event. Her caption? “Team work.” This is definitely something she and her BFF has a lot of.

team work.

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2. When They Took Selfies

The two models have both been very busy with work abroad. And, according to MTV News, Jenner and Hadid took advantage of their time together in the audience by doing something they both love: taking selfies.

3. When They Sat Next To Each Other

The celebrity BFFs acted as if all they needed were each other plus their complimentary Viacom Popcorn.

missing my main. **#kengi af

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4. When Jenner Proved She Could Maybe Read Hadid’s Mind

Speaking of snacks, Hadid was spotted making Jenner guess which hand of hers had the hidden popcorn. And, of course, Jenner was able to guess correctly!

5. When They Would Not Let Go Of Each Other’s Hand

Jenner and Hadid left the event together and they would not let go of each other’s hand. They even colour coordinated their outfits.


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