The love between Lou and Will cannot be denied. Thus, despite the controversy that surrounds “Me Before You,” the film could be the best romantic film to hit theaters in 2016. Here are five reasons why it’s worth seeing.

1. It will make you laugh. “Me Before You” is indeed a romantic comedy that follows the traditional formula of the genre with only a thin line separating it from being a tragic romance, Bustle wrote. Actor Sam Claflin admitted that in spite of his character’s physical challenges, Louisa’s (played by actress Emilia Clarke) personality and attire made it hard not to laugh. Indeed, Lou was a breath of fresh air to Will, Claflin told Good Morning America.

It combines some of the most loved romantic movies that came before it, Bustle also noted.

2. “Me Before You” is one part “Pretty Woman.” The publication likened Will’s character to Edward who introduced Vivian to better things in life and urged her to be more than what she is.

3. “Me Before You” is two parts “13 Going On 30.” The publication noted Lou’s “infectious joy” certainly melted Will’s heart and made him smile again.

4. It will make you cry. The movie also has its share of sadness that seems to be unavoidable in every successful romance story to hit the big screen. Hence, it’s comparable to the heartbreak that “A Walk to Remember” fans will remember, Bustle suggested.

5. But most of all, “Me Before You” will make you believe in the power of love. Clarke shared what she hoped the film would impart to its audience on Good Morning America.

“[It’s] a really beautiful love story. Don’t take the life that you have for granted. Go out there and live it as fully as possible,” Clarke said as she revealed the wedding sequence to be her favorite scene in the movie. Claflin wasn’t immune to the romance between Lou and Will. The actor shared how the final scene between their characters had a “profound emotional impact on him.”

“It sort of unlocked something for me and I spent the entire day sobbing even when we weren’t actually filming,” Claflin revealed. Perhaps, author Jojo Moyes summed up the best reason to watch “Me Before You.”

“Most of us have one person in our lives who actually changes the way we think or encourages us to look outside our box and for me, this is what this story is about,” Moyes said.