Moto Hagio, the maker of classic manga works like “The Heart of Thomas” and “They Were Eleven,” will write a new manga series called “Tenshi Kamoshirenai.”

This is the first time in her 47-year career, Hagio is providing the original story for a series, that will be drawn by someone else. Shueisha’s YOU magazine’s April issue will be announcing the news on Tuesday.

Yū Hatano is the responsible for the artwork of the manga. The new manga will make its first appearance in the May issue of YOU, which Shueisha will publish on April 15.

Hatano is the creator of “Saru no Te” – a short story in the “Kanbi de na Grimm Dōwa: Ai no Dorei” anthology manga series.

According to the magazine, the manga series “Tenshi Kamoshirenai” (Might be an Angel) is a “a slightly mysterious omnibus fantasy,” says Anime News Network.

Hagio launched her ongoing manga “Ōhi Marugo” (Queen Margot) manga in 2013. The manga’s fourth compiled book was published by Shueisha, on January 25.

In 2012, she was awarded with the Medal with Purple Ribbon, which is meant for honouring academic and artistic achievement, by the Japanese government.

Fantagraphics Books will release a hardcover edition of Hagio’s Otherworld Barbara manga on August 21. Fantagraphics Books is also responsible for publishing “A Drunken Dream and Other Stories” and “The Heart of Thomas.”

There are English releases for Hagio’s “They Were Eleven,” “A Drunken Dream and Other Stories,”  “A,A’,” and “The Heart of Thomas” manga.

It was reported by Crunchy Roll that Hagio is getting her own exhibition consisting of her sci-fi works. The “Moto Hagio Sci-Fi Original Space Play Exhibition, Fly Into a Different World” will open on April 9 at the Kichijoji Art Museum in Mushashino, Tokyo.

Tokyo’s Span Art Gallery exhibited Hagio’s work to celebrate the trade paperback launch of Silver Ship and Blue Sea.