This Sunday marks the very special day for all the mothers around the world, and since it is only a few days away from Mother’s day, readers who are planning to surprise their beloved mothers might want to check the 10 weirdest gifts that moms want below, courtesy of Huffington Post:

1. Mothers cannot deny the fact that they dream of having longer sleep hours and more nap times. And for that, why not give her a shark sleeping bag? Moms would surely appreciate a snug from a cuddly shark, besides its a gift from the beloved children so it will be loved and taken care of. Post

Shark Sleeping Bag

2. To pair the sleeping bag, why not give them a Zombie Sleep Mask as well? It may sound ironic, but mothers often feel like they are zombies, too. Post

Zombie Sleeping Mask

3. Mothers are often given the title as “superwoman” so a Wonder Woman Fleece Throw would be a perfect present as well.

Huffington Post

Wonder Woman Fleece Throw

4. As children might have known, mothers’ specialty is multitasking, so an EvriholderSlipperGenie can also provide relief for the moms who want to do a walkathon around the house while having it cleaned.

Huffington Post


5. On the other hand, this Skunk Scarf could always come in handy when mothers need it on winter, so still, can be a good gift idea as well.

Huffington Post

Skunk Scarf

Meanwhile, check out these weirder gifts that kids can give to their mothers, courtesy of another Huffington Post article.

6. Mermaid Fish Tail. Because sometimes, they might want to have a good time and pretend as Little Mermaid.

Huffington Post

Mermaid Fish Tail

7. Otto the Otter Tape Dispenser

Huffington Post

Otto The Otter Tape Dispenser

8. Penguin Pajamas

Huffington Post

penguin pajamas

9. Lego Family Portrait. Because a portrait and Lego combined would be cool.

Huffington Post

Lego Family Portrait

10. Dynatrap Insect Zapper. For moms who are obsessed in catching insects.

Huffington Post

Dynatrap Insect Zapper

Happy Mother’s day to all mother out there!