The court convicted a single mother on Wednesday after she was proven guilty of killing her five-year-old son in 1991 and misleading police, saying her son went missing at a carnival in New Jersey.

Florida mother Michelle Lodzinski’s trial ended with her conviction just a week before the 25th anniversary of her “missing” son. During the trial, the prosecutors claimed that the mother killed her son as he became a burden for her. Five-year-old Timothy Wiltsey disappeared on a spring evening. His mother claimed that she took him to a town carnival where he went missing but five months later, police recovered the boy’s sneaker in an industrial park close to his mother’s office. Further investigations led the authorities to find his remains six months after the incident.

At the early stage of the trial, the prosecutor called a witness, Laura Mechkowski, for interrogation on whether the boy accompanied his mother at the carnival. She recalled an episode when she met Lodzinski but did not see the child. She said she received the news of the disappearance of the child and hence she called police immediately. “”I got a sick feeling,” Mechkowski said as quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald. “I spoke with her, and she did not have a child with her. I was very upset. There was a child missing, and there was no child.”

According to ABC 7 Chicago, she changed her story several times to claim her son was abducted. The change in the story increased suspicion against Lodzinski but she did not face charges until 2014 when the case reopened. It was a blue blanket, the colour of which was almost faded but played a vital role in breaking the case. The investigators claimed that three former babysitters of the boy identified the blanket, which they said came from the mother’s apartment.

“She dumped his body in a creek like a piece of trash, but she left behind a telling clue, this blanket,” deputy first assistant prosecutor Christie Bevacqua said during the trial.