A video posted on Sept. 24 on YouTube shows how a female cockroach desperately tries to fight off a swarm of fire ants. The footage shows that the mother roach spontaneously gave birth to a huge egg sac in a bid to carry on her family genes.

The YouTube video was taken by Michael Bustos, founder of AntsCanada, a company in Toronto that sells ants.  Due to popular demand, Bustos decided to feed his ants with a live prey, which he normally kills beforehand. The video attracted the attention of more than six million viewers.

When the cockroach was placed inside the tank, it was soon attacked and fell deeper into the fire ants’ nest. The roach was helpless and then got paralyzed by the swarm.

In a desperate attempt, the roach pushed out a huge egg sac. According to National Geographic, this behavior explains why cockroaches are found everywhere. A dying or threatened female cockroach immediately expels her babies so her genes can carry on.

“The ants seemed like they didn’t know what to do with this egg sac,” adds Bustos. “And what happened next shocked me even more.”

The young cockroaches soon emerged from the egg sac. Unfortunately, the fire ants were waiting for them.

The tiny babies, which look white and have soft exoskeletons, were then taken deeper into the fire ants’ nest and would soon face the fate that their mother had. These babies will be used as the colony’s food in the future.

Bustos says that he was in complete awe of the drama that happened within the ants’ nest. Although the video provided entertainment to more than six million viewers online, Bustos admits that he feels remorse and an enormous guilt after putting in the live female cockroach inside the fire ants’ nest.