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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo A Flop? Actors Blamed?

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo A Flop? Actors Blamed?

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SBS pinned high hopes on Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo following in the tradition of its popular predecessor Doctors. However, poor ratings marred the period K-drama since it debuted last August 30. Consequently, it questioned the talent of some cast members as the likely cause behind it.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo offered a different theme from Doctors. SBS likely hoped the change would catch the attention of viewers. Set in the 10th century, the story of a 21st century woman going back in time could very well attract even those without an interest in history.

Moreover, it cast two popular K-pop stars who would certainly draw in fans. However, did this move of SBS to get singers Lee Ji-eun or IU to play the lead female role and EXO K-Pop member Baekhyun to play Eun, the 10th prince, backfire?

The response from viewers after only a few episodes is not as favorable as hoped. The reviews posted at Netizen Buzz following the pilot episode offered mixed reactions to both. One comment questioned the continued casting of IU as a lead star given her acting. Another viewer pleaded to have writers trim down the dialogue of Baekhyun. allkpop also noted the advice from fans for both singers to stick to singing.

Could there be hope for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo after all this? Perhaps there is. Along with the criticism of IU and Baekhyun, Lee Jun Ki received high praises for his acting as the fourth prince. Yet would this be enough to save the period K-drama?

“Please do something about IU’s eyeliner ㅋㅋ is this really a historical drama? Everyone is so bad aside from Lee Jun Ki,” commented by Netizen Buzz.

The period K-drama is not the only series whose ratings are down. Even the KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond was also met with a lukewarm response. The acting of its female lead might have come into question. However, relevant sources noted the worn-out storyline could be a major factor.

Watch IU and Baekhyn in character on Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

  • Cheimari Arcilla

    I don’t know with people complaining about my favorite drama! IU’s bad acting?! Are you kidding me?!!! Are you a good actress/actor then? Coz the way I see it. IU is doing great in here! I can’t see any flaws because I’m totally amazed with her character! I can see the chemistry between her and my Lee Joon ki! Not just that! I can alse see her chemistry with almost everyone! She’s totally amazing! Do you know why I’m saying that this drama is great?! On why I love the characters of Lee Joon Ki and IU?! It’s because it’s just only episode 1 but I’m totally hooked and I can’t wait to watch all episodes and watch it over and over again! This is just the second time I am doing it since W: Two Worlds!!! I even forgot Park Bo Gum’s Midnight Drawn by Clouds! That’s how great it is! DAEBAK! JINJA! Fighting IU and Lee Joon Ki! <3 <3 <3

    • upforfun

      my thoughts exactly

    • Natalija

      I agree, I watched IU in few dramas and always thought wow this idol can act, she delivers emotions very good. I Saw similar article like this and can’t help but wonder if they are dissing them only because they are idols. Drama got me totaly hooked. It’s all about articles like this, they promote some dramas, that I keep trying to watch and end up dropping and write bad about good ones. If you just visit online streaming websites it can be seen in comments that people are crazy about it. Let’s ignore articles like this and recommend it to our friends 😀

    • KiSsMeGOodByE

      100% agree with you …I didn’t see anything wrong with it ,and I enjoyed every scenes . I’m almost dying for waiting to the next episodes .I hope they won’t base only in Korea , they must see it with their own eyes how popular this drama all over the world .

    • kdramaloverxoxo


    • izumi

      omg ikr! there’s nothing wrong with the cast. they’re all so great and play the roles well. i cant find a reason no to love this drama <3

    • EMJAY80

      I totally agree. I watch every episode raw even though I don’t understand Korean. And I laugh and cry through every episode. Bad acting can’t get that response.

      • Meisxie

        Haha. I thought I was the only person who watched it raw and laughed & cried even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying in Korean

    • ki_chee

      ratings and media are mere manipulation.

  • Vineetha

    i really cant get why people always offend iu and baekhyun for me they both are perfect and i enjoy watching them . all those rubbish reviews are only from haters ….. why do they even bother themselves to see someone they hate and start criticizing. just take a break u people

    • Vivi E.

      Those negative comments hold no credibility at all so I HAVE NO IDEA why people are even making a big deal about them. I seriously wish they’d make an article about the drama’s HUGE popularity through online streaming and their increasing number of fans.

  • Meisxie

    I love this drama. Sure, it may have low tv ratings but what about online streaming?? How do they measure that??

    I find nothing wrong with the IU’s acting. I’ve seen much worse on OZ & NZ tv shows. I’ve read some comments online where people have complained about the terrible acting & storyline in episode 1, yet they are still watching and commenting things like ‘the editting & directing in episode 4 seems better.” Crikey, if you hated it that much in episode 1, then you should’nt have watched episode 2 onwards ! If anyone should get an acting awards, its the actress who plays Queen Yoo. Jeez I hate her with a passion LOL.

    PS. Seriously…who watches tv these days!! I get my fix of news, dramas, etc online

    • Vivi E.

      ^ THIS.

  • Shulammite Michael

    I really can’t understand what is obstructing the eyes of the people that are criticizing this movie. I am totally in love with this movie and the people acting it. They are all excellent in their acting. IU is splendid in the way she acts out her roles. I’ve watched all her movies and am personally looking forward to the next episode of this movie. I have had sleepless nights because of it and will continue to do so because of how amazing the movie is. I feel people should do something better with their time than criticize a perfectly made art. Whatever happens, i will watch this movie to the end and will continue to support the actors of it. HWAITING!!!

  • Cui Sine

    IU’s eyeliner !? Are you f**king with me ?! You didn’t even watch the drama wtf don’t forget that hae soo is an 21 centry girl she knows what eyeliner is ans according to the 3 ep she said that she knows how to make saop and staff she’s really doing good at acting she is a 21centry girl don’t forget the n’est drama i have see so plz don’t fuck around you Mather fuckers haters complain about nothing it’s only that Korean have Bad taste 😤😬😬

    • Meisxie

      LOL….If I could, I would give you another up-vote

  • Vivi E.

    LOL! Bad acting?? They’re doing a great job portraying their characters right now, especially IU. And how is it a flop when they have SO MANY viewers online (they have more viewers here than Love in the Moonlight)? I wonder why it’s more popular with international viewers than local viewers, I wonder?

  • Pearl19

    First of all, to enjoy watching the series, watchers should not compare scarlet heart chinese version and korean version. Both versions are based on different historical time period and country and there are bound to be differences in many ways. Give the actors and actresses a chance to grow and improve. Don’t just give harsh criticism. From the way i see it, there is definitely character development from ep 1 to ep 4. For a 21st century girl who suddenly transported to goryeo time period, there are many things to process….language, custom, appearance, way of life….everything is too overwhelming and not easy to adapt. IU and Baekhyun has been doing a good job so far and Baekhyun as the playful and immature prince.

    The series are entertaining…..especially the main character lee jun ki as 4th prince. Brilliant performance….

  • marye sora

    allkpop and blogs should stop sayin so many crap about IU’s acting. How the frack she’s a bad actress?! She’s way better than Yoona. Her emotional scenes are way more real than Yoona. People must be really blind. Poor acting my ass go die all of you anti-fans haters. I’m so mad why people say her acting is bad cause I can’t see it all.

  • The acting isn’t a problem at all. The script is a bit clunky; that’s the real issue. But the performances are great, everyone’s putting in solid efforts, and it’s a really entertaining drama. IU and Lee Joon Ki are doing a wonderful job. But it s a bit like W outrating Uncontrollably Fond: the writing was so much stronger on W. Likewise, the writing for Love In The Moonlight is a lot tighter, hence the reason Scarlet Heart: Rye rates lower. The casts can only work with what their given. There’s no basis for criticism of their performances.

    • Stickkkk

      they need lighter scripts for decades then. this always happens they can’t take strong plots in their favour. W is really good but that doesn’t go in their brain so its not taking first place. but a romance of eunuch does with crown prince? really. 😀 i think normal netizen’s head is dumber than ours.

  • n_S

    I prefer IU acting anytime over Suzy seriously she did great!
    And i love this drama

  • Zoey

    Personally, i think it kinda flopped due to the lack in organisation of the scenes? There are many times when the scenes don’t really blend well and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable… and the pacing too, things just happens too fast. It’s not really about the actors or actress’s acting… i don’t see what’s wrong… they are quite good, nothing to be blamed really.. it’s just the lack of planning, arrangement and coordination. there’s no structure, basically. i get that they are trying to mash up different genres like historical period drama, romance, fantasy, comedy, action and angst together, but i think the composition needs work. like for e.g., W – Two Worlds is really great at having multiple genres in it. but i think scarlet heart: ryeo is the type of drama that gets you anticipating more after each episode – it just slowly gets better. it’s a really eye candy drama featuring many visually attractive or purely aesthetically pleasing artists, i can’t help but swoon.

    • Stickkkk

      you have some weird problem in it. okay fine watch love in the moonlight and say how organized that drama is as it is taking first place?

      • Zoey

        i’m sorry? i thought i’m talking about scarlet heart here, not love in the moonlight? and what’s that got to do with SH:R?
        and this is just my PERSONAL opinion, no need to take offence in it lol. i love scarlet heart, alright. i’m just discussing about the reason as to its cureent low ratings.

        • Stickkkk

          i’m comparing it because both are airing at the same day. love in the moonlight is at first place while this one is at the last place. not my personal opinion. if you have enough drama you ought to see which one is more of quality.

          • Zoey

            LOL what is ur problem? I get to choose what drama I watch? hahaha, i’m not even comparing these 2 dramas. ok, so fine, even if LITM has better ratings and quality, what’s that got to do with me watching scarlet heart?

          • Stickkkk

            don’t you understand english lol? i’m conveying my comments you’re conveying yours. you never said anything.

          • Zoey

            LOL, yes i didn’t say anything. you’re the one who replied to my comment?

          • Stickkkk

            you’re the one who replied my main comment. wtf -.-

          • Zoey

            R u blind? trace back and u’re the one who replied me LOL

          • Stickkkk

            yes i commented but i asked you a question. did you reply properly? you portrayed some problems which you faced in that SH but i asked what about the first leading drama is it doing good in that sense which you found in that drama?

          • Zoey

            i’m sorry, perhaps if you had phrased your comments better, i would have understood immediately without you explaining.
            and if you still don’t get what i’m trying to say here: yes, u said something about LITM but i’m not even discussing about that drama… nor do i have the interest to watch it and compare it with SH.

          • Stickkkk

            you don’t wanna compare but think these small issues getting SH the last place? here i said to watch the first rated drama to see if these are even issues which you mentioned. whats wrong with that? if you watch more you will know more as to why this is getting low rating. the causes you mentioned or the netizens did are not even the causes. this drama is purely biased because IU is hated by the netizens for 2 years now. XD

          • Zoey

            yes, now you’re getting it… i do not want to compare.

  • sassy

    For those who are complaining continue doing so as for me am dying to see the next episode

  • freakylunatic

    Why you complain about their acting? I bet they did better than most of these people who are saying this can’t even do as well. They are amazing and we should not judge their level of acting, since this is Baekhyun’s debut in acting and the others should be respected. IU is amazing, and I don’t even know who she is aside from this drama! I don’t know most of these actors, but why are you so critisizing? It hurts me when people say that about others.

  • Sierra

    The low Korean ratings don’t make any sense I look forward to this one more than Moonlight on KBS2.
    IU’s acting is not bad either I think some anti fans have been hard at work recently.
    Anyway things are about to get more interesting looking forward to more! 😀

  • Harry Lister

    They should have included International Ratings.

  • Kaye

    I don’t find the acting of IU poor. She only portrays the character of 21st century lady bound in an old fashion time of Goryeo, probably viewers are expecting a solemn character for Hae Soo as they are used to see Historical Kdrama. For other younger actors, it’s great to see fresh faces in a historical drama. The director and writer did a great job as well to equally give a line and exposure on each character of Princes in each episode which is a very difficult plot to deal with. Its a great choice as well to include a great actor like Lee Jun Ki and rising star Kang Ha Neul. I believe this drama will pick up on the later episodes, if ever korea has a negative point on view on Scarlet Heart Ryeo “Then so be it” for this drama will shine in other Asian Country’s.

  • lotusflowerrrr

    what the hell are you saying that IU can’t act? as far as i can see, she can act well!! bashers back off! she gave justice of her role as a jolly girl who came from 21st century. You even notice her eyeliner haha! once you become a basher you will always be a basher! stop hating her you’re just making yourself ugly! I’m really sure that IU’s haters Boycott her show because they are jealous lol. GET A LIFE

    PS: Im not from korea and i love her drama.

  • sugarberry 94

    i love this drama and i think the acting is good. They all are doing well but i just want to see more scenes together of IU and Wang so, please!

  • Andrew

    Did you just talk shit about IU’s acting? Want to f**king die?

    And are we seriously quoting netizen buzz here? That’s the equivalent of quoting trump on mexicans. Full of big bullshit

  • OPMGodzilla

    despite of the low ratings, the sales are slaying in China. “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” (also known as “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”) now has the honor of being known as the most expensive K-drama ever sold to China despite of the country’s banning to hallyu ……….I forgot about the ratings no one cares anymore

  • phabbiola

    I think they are not considering world wide viewers. People are going crazy about this drama on every korean drama streaming website. Where do you get your info from? Are you relying on like one single platform? That is so lame! IU acting is spot on, she is a great dramatic actress and there is going to be a lot of drama on this series. The 10th prince is supposed to be childish and even a little dumb, so Baekhyn is doing a great job too, everybody is. The male leads are unbelievable good!!

  • jahnavi

    I don’t think so.. IU is doing her best and even my friends also loved her acting alot. My friend also commented that she is looking so cute in traditional wears. Her each and every expression grabbed my attention. I love each and every actor and actresses in moon lovers. moon lovers is the best drama far ever. I never addicted that much to a drama and i waited for this drama from 8 months. Atlast it is being telecast. i really loved last five episodes and eagerly waiting for 6th one. I am waiting for my joong gi oppa(wang so) and Iu(Hae soo) love story to start. baekhyun is really a super actor. eventhough he is new in acting world. so far he is giving his best to his role. as a cute and naughty prince he is giving his best. I fell for his charms. he is really so cute. IU,Lee joong gi oppa, Kang ha neul, Baek hyun, nam jo hyuk, ji soo each and every one is doing their best. Story is really fresh and entirely different from chinese version. Moon lovers fighting!!!!!!! loving IU and lee joong gi’s couple alot.

  • Shannie Bane

    I think Koreans and Intl fans have the complete opposite taste in dramas. I am bewildered as to why this drama isn’t in the Top 10 (granted it deserves spot #1 in my book). I keep looking at the rating polls, expecting to see that I am not the only person crazy about this drama…and what?!! These people crazy…IU..can’t act?!! Those persons must be haters and not drama viewers. IU is amazing; granted I am only watching for Lee Jun Ki and not a fan of Baekhyun but if these actors (IU and Baekhyun) can bring me to tears and to laughter respectively, then they are doing a great job. I am just speechless reading this article (and not in a good way). Moon Lover cast, please come to my country, I can guarantee ya’ll be getting a 100% support because you guys are GREAT!! Ppsshh IU can’t act?! FALSE!! She is doing a great job!
    Lee Jun Ki is just AMZAING, my ultimate bias never disappoints (I am still hopefully awaiting him to do a modern day drama – Two Weeks was awesome!) Kang Ha Neul is great. I just love Lee Jun Ki’s character, so like him. I am sure Jun Ki decides his wardrobes and hair style (mind you which he wears in almost all his dramas), loving it, he knows how to look more handsome, YAY!
    Again, these dramas seem to be made for Intl fans and not Koreans, this drama is getting SO much support from overseas viewers (sad it doesn’t count). If they were to do a poll to include international viewership, haha, many “#1” would be #20. Not being disrespectful but giving an opinion. I am gonna stop looking at the ratings in Korea (it hurts my heart)

  • Myungyeol_infinite

    What wrong with the people? How can’t they accept the truth? Have you seen any other historical drama? Watch their incredible acting and look at iu..didnot know either she is sad or thinking or crying…emotion should be delivered…and there she is whining and childish acting which people didnot like…Though joonki is great actor..he gets only 5 to 10 min screen time…Iu gets most screen time so we had to stop watching this..

  • carmen

    Am i the only one who really loves the drama ? I hardly can bare waiting for the next ep . Idk with all the criticism about iu her make up . Its so natural tho . Can k netizens watch a drama without complaining , if u dont like it dont watch it ok!

  • koregül

    It’s a shame that the viewer don’t take attention of this drama because of netizenz that do not like IU. İt’s not fair to the hole crew and the workers behind this project. The story is great the acting of the most actors is great too, especially of Lee Joong Ki👌👌👌 He is a really good actor! Yes IU could be better but her acting don’t bothers me. It’s ok. İt is not a reason to boycott this great drama!!

  • jeongmeiying0206

    why people dislike them, i don’t see both of them show a bad act. infact, i found IU is improving from her previous drama, i’m not a fan of baekhyun but his acting is not so bad, otherwise i found his character is cute. and how they delivered the line and their expressions very well. i don’t know why people keep commenting about them being so bad.