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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Why It’s the Most Expensive Korean Drama

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Why It’s the Most Expensive Korean Drama

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The latest SBS period K-drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo might be behind in viewership ratings. However, it has proven quite profitable for the network in the Chinese market.

August 30 marked the debut of SBS’ latest offering. The period K-drama follows the recently concluded Doctors, which was a medical-themed love story. However, the change in storyline has yet to prove it can live up to or better yet surpass the success of its predecessor.

Alas, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is not quite there. Admittedly, it has only been on air for two weeks. Its rating slipped further after the fourth episode. Viewers voiced their opinions about the decision to cast K-Pop stars in key roles of the period K-drama. Their feedback was not as favorable as hoped for, as many were critical of their acting. However, it could still pick up viewership rankings after a few more episodes.

Nevertheless, its viewership ranking did not put off YouKu from purchasing the period K-drama. Moreover, it did so to the whopping price tag of USD400,000 per episode. Yet the total of USD8 million turned out to be a bargain. According to K-Pop Herald, the Chinese broadcasting station made the purchase amidst the ban imposed by their country on anything Korean. Thus, one could only imagine how high it would have gone without the current political tension between the two nations.

Why the Chinese love Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The interest in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo reflects the soft spot of the Chinese for period dramas. Yet the Korean series holds special meaning as it is a remake of the 2011 Scarlet Heart, hence the likely connection to audiences in China. This aspect could be its edge over Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. The KBS2’s is also a period K-drama and remains strong in viewership rankings nationwide at 19.3%. By contrast, the SBS period K-drama earned only 5.7% after its fourth episode according to Soompi.

  • OPMGodzilla

    I’m not familiar with the drama production in Korea, do they release it in BD or paid streams? do they only simulcast their dramas? because if they’re doing a Blu-ray release just like in Japan Moon Lovers would’ve earned quite alot, Korean netizens are just bunch of biased retards, critics? more-like-anti-fans actually…. this should be released worldwide, i hope many tv stations would buy it, international fans are more sensible we actually find this drama directed very good. YouKu did a good job of simulcasting it despite of China’s banning, Moon Lovers got 300 million views on it’s 1st week of airing.

  • Aish

    moon lovers is amazing ( the acting and visuals are perfect) . Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is good but not as lush and extavagent as the budget is lower.

  • Titilola Tsq Okunfolami

    Same here, there is NO DRAMA WITHOUT FLAWS even Descendents Of the Sun last two episodes where not necessary for me, n I could pick one or two flaws from other awesome dramas.

    Koreans should understand this, I have watched about four Chinese dramas and one thing we noticed is that they pick up rather slowly. like Boss and Me, Love 020 they start out rather slowly and since this an adaptation from the original, It will be hard not to possess some elements from the original.

    Granted this is business and to be honest Moonlovers is airing thesame time as Moonlight and moonlight on his first week did an impressive job so people have decided to watch moonlight on tv and then go online to watch Scarlet heart that’s why on online platform Scarlet heart is higher than moonlight (if only they include online as part of their rating system).

    International fans that don’t have TV broadcasting Kdrama and seek online platform for their dramas actually prefer Scarlet Heart to Moonlight.

    I know is hard not to be heartbroken that your drama isn’t loved in Korea, but cheer up we love it (internationally)

  • Ayan

    Scarlet heart is an Awesome drama more than moon lovers…….

  • Hanna Divine Talaro

    I think the main reason why the ratings are low in Korea is that because the actors have been prejudged since most of them are Kpop stars. Most of the international fans are not so much familiar with Kpop so most do not have prejudice against the actors. Take me for example, I do not know any of the cast before watching the series so I do not have prejudice and guess what, yes, their acting is not perfect but I just loved the directing and the story. This one is definitely one of my favorite Kdramas, for sure, along side DOTS and Faith.