The Montreal plastic bottle ban will compel big corporations like Nestlé, Coke and Pepsi to make the necessary preparations for the future ban of plastic bottles in Montreal.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre implied a month ago that the city is aiming to ban plastic bottles after its action to ban plastic bags by the year 2018.

The Montreal plastic bottle ban has prompted the Canadian Beverage Association, representing over  60 brands of beverages such as Nestlé, Pepsi and Coke, to sign on to the registry of lobbyists in Quebec in the early March based on Radio-Canada’s source, MSN reported.

Today, Coderre told reporters that the people of Montreal were discussing the role of plastic items. According to the Mayor, they have finished tackling the issues on plastic bags and they are now moving onto the plastic bottles, citing the reality of plastic in the environment as a big concern.

However, through a document which was  submitted on March 8 to the lobby registry, the beverage association noted that bottles are convenient and safe for the consumers, and that banning will control the consumers’ right to choose.  The document further stated an appeal to the City of Montreal to turn down the proposed banning of water bottles, adding that the bottles are 100% recyclable throughout Quebec.

While Coderre has not given any confirmation yet about the concrete measures or timeline for the plastic bottle ban, He announced  last February that the ban is the next step.

The proposed ban came as a surprise to the association and asked to meet with the city to discuss the idea. Martin-Pierre Pelletier, the spokesperson for the association, said that they want to know the details.

Montreal plastic bottle ban has also moved the Association des embouteilleurs d’eau du Québec or AEEQ of water-bottler Eska to ask the city to discuss the idea first with the corporations prior to making a decision, Independent reported.