“Money Monster” premiered in Sydney’s Event Cinemas on George Street over the weekend. The premiere was attended by director Jodie Foster who spoke about the movie and her likeness to fellow actress Helen Hunt.

The Australian premiere was attended by fans, actors, and personalities along with director Jodie Foster. She mingled with fans and signed autographs as well. She was dressed in a simple black dress, a black blazer, and peep-toes. She kept her look minimal with some gold around her neck and a clutch. She spoke about the movie and her likeness to “As Good as It Gets” actress Helen Hunt.

The Herald Sun reveals that Aussie stars Danielle Cormack, Demian Bichir, Tess Haubrich, Socratis Otto, Gracie Gilbert, and others made it to the guest list. “Money Monster” has been receiving great reviews and Aussie fans cannot wait any longer.

The film stars George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell in main roles. “Money Monster” tells the story of an angry investor who lost everything because of a stock tip on a show named “Money Monster.” O’Connell plays the investor while Clooney is the hostage.

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“This film is a little different. This film is a mainstream genre film: it’s a thriller with big movie stars and a plot that’s incredibly fast-paced,” Foster told The Sydney Morning Herald ahead of the premiere. “The three men in the movie … are struggling with their own disappointments in themselves, with their own lack of self-worth and trying to measure themselves and hoping to be of value. And the value that they look for is money,” she added.

Foster also spoke about her likeness to Hunt and how the two get mistaken for each other every time, states Daily Mail. “I’ve been mistaken for Helen Hunt so many times and she for me. We talk about it a lot every time we see each other,” said Foster. “It’s strange because she’s at least five inches taller than me and the only similarity is that we part our hair on the same side,” she added.

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