Australian actor Samuel Johnson of the “Molly” TV series has decided to quit acting, he announced in a lengthy Facebook post. He wants to devote his time instead in raising $10 million for cancer research.

Writing on his ‘Love Your Sister’ page on Facebook, Johnson said “I cannot play pretend on telly while our families are falling.” Johnson established the ‘Love Your Sister’ charity after his sister, Connie Johnson, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her third diagnosis after finding a bone tumour in her leg at age 11 and a tumour in her womb at age 22.

Johnson drew attention to how a cure for cancer has remained more or less elusive despite there being various treatment methods and scientific studies. “Cancer is the last true riddle of our time (not of our doing) and I wanna be part of the push to solve it once and for all – part of the new ‘moonshot’,” he said.

Johnson, apart from playing Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum in the mini-series “Molly,” has appeared in numerous television productions including “Home and Away,” “Ocean Girl,” “Good Guys Bad Guys,” “The Secret Life of Us,” and “Rush.”

“I can’t act anymore. Not if I’m to serve you properly,” Johnson said. He has been known to travel around Australia on a unicycle to raise funds for cancer research and to share the story of his sister Connie, reports with AAP. He promised to raise $10 million for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. “We’re not going to get there if I’m off gallivanting. So I won’t,” he wrote.

Johnson isn’t afraid of death, but he drew attention to the fact that cancer, in many instances, attacks people who haven’t yet enjoyed their life to the fullest. “To be honest, something’s gotta kill us. I don’t really have such a problem with cancer if it attacks someone after they’ve enjoyed a full life – fair price. But when it cuts down mums before they can see their kids grow, when it takes out innocent children … well, then I get majorly f***ing offended,” he said.

Johnson attacked the Australian federal government for its lack of support to cancer research and described federal funding as “static.” “Not until we get to that $10 million and show those faceless f***ers at the top end of town just how serious we are about research here at ground level,” he said.

He slammed climate science deniers, alternative medicine, and conspiracy theorists who are “stupidly assuming that our scientists would dare allow big pharma to hide their discoveries.”

“It’s a war. I’m going all out. I’m building an army to make science and research more relevant again and I’ll stop at nothing,” Johnson said of his endeavour.

Though he is retiring from acting, he informed that he will have to continue doing voice over work “so I can eat if that’s ok!”