“Modern Family” star Ed O’Neill has likely taken hundreds of selfies with fans and it just so happened that one of those fans was Britney Spears. Talking to Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O’Neill has revealed the story behind a hilarious snap of him and Britney Spears at an airport.

During Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,”  the 70-year-old “Modern Family” star explained that he didn’t recognize Britney Spears when she approached him for a photo over a year ago, NY Daily News reports.

“I didn’t know it was her,” Ed O’Neill told Ellen DeGeneres. The audience, including DeGeneres, burst into laughter.

The moment happened at LAX as O’Neill was waiting to board a flight to Hawaii. “She came up and said ‘oh Mr. O’Neill I love Modern Family,'” he recalled. “‘You’re my favorite on the show.’ And I was like, ‘Well I’m here, I’m the only one here’… you know.”

It was only after thousands of people liked the picture that Ed O’Neill realized he had also had a serious brush with fame that day. The hilariously awkward photo showed the “Modern Family” star looking emotionless, while Britney Spears was all smiles and cannot contain her excitement.

Although laughing, Ellen DeGeneres was baffled how Ed O’Neill didn’t recognize the 34-year-old superstar. Ed O’Neill then re-assured Ellen DeGeneres that he had no clue that the fan was Britney Spears.

“Look at the look on my face. Do I look like I’m sitting with Britney Spears?” he asked, which led the audience to laugh harder, including Ellen DeGeneres.

After his daughter branded him a “moron” Ed O’Neill called Britney Spear’s manager to apologize, “So I had to tell my little story. I’m sorry. So I apologized.”

Ellen DeGeneres and Ed O’Neill star in the new “Finding Dory” film in which the “Modern Family” actor plays Hank a “disgruntled mimic Octopus,” which is in fact a septa-pus as its missing a tentacle.