‘Mockingjay 2’ Stars Jennifer Lawrence Liam Hemsworth Dating? Confirms Bonding with Family


Did we hear Jennifer Lawrence right? Did she just confirm she was bonding with her “Mockingjay Part 2” co-star Liam Hemsworth?

Lawrence’s tattoo was one of the highlights at the recent San Diego Comic Con 2015. The scientifically incorrect symbol of water (H2O) was marked on the actress’s left hand, and it’s causing a major stir in the Entertainment world.

People are so focused on the ink that they may have not noticed Jen revealing who she got the tattoo with — Liam, oh-so-dreamy, Hemsworth.

In an interview during her Comic Con visit for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2”, J Law revealed that she got the tattoo done while spending time with Hemsworth and his family.

“I was with Liam’s family and everybody was getting tattoos and I was like ‘Well I’m always gonna need to be hydrated’. So I guess I should just get H2O on my hand,” the actress shared.

The actress has just admitted that Katniss and Gale got their tattoos together. Now, that’s some big Team Gale points right there.

While the revelation doesn’t exactly confirm that the two are currently dating, rumors of a Liam and Jen love story did hit the news late last year. Notably, the actress revealed that she and “Mockingjay 2” co-star Josh Hutcherson hangout at the Australian hunk’s house all the time.

“We’re just kind of always at Liam’s house in Malibu drinking wine,” the “X Men Apocalypse” star revealed, notes E!

Jen also added that she got Liam hooked on “hooked on reality TV” and the “Vanderpump Rules”.

It’s definitely too early to tell whether the two are actually dating or just hanging out as buddies. One thing’s for sure though, the two make a boombastic couple and fans will definitely ship “Liamiffer” or “Jeniam” in case the friends decide to bring their friendship to the next level.

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