‘Mockingjay 2’ Release Date & Trailer: More Sequels Possible? ‘I Can’t Say’ Says Josh Hutcherson


“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2”, slated to release November this year, will mark the end of the “Hunger Games” franchise. However, Josh Hutcherson’s remarks at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con ignited a hope in the hearts of the fans across the globe.

During an interview with Conan O’Brien, the host asked about a possible sequel to the movie, Hutcherson said, “There is,” before he quickly denied it by adding, “I’m sorry. No, I can’t say that. I’m sorry. We’ll see what happens.”

His response set the internet into a frenzy.

In an exclusive interview with the Huffington Post, Hutcherson cleared all doubts.

“Yeah, I mean the truth is I don’t know anything. I would like there to be more because they’re really fun to make, and it’s a fun character, but…afraid that I’m not clear on that one,” the actor revealed.

“If it does happen, at the same time it’s like, it has to be something that Suzanne [Collins] really believes in,” he continued. “It has to be something that she creates naturally. It’s not just trying to make more movies out of it.”

As reported by Movie Pilot, Hutcherson’s co-starts feel the same way when it comes to working with the “Hunger Games'” movies. As Jennifer Lawrence stated, “It would be so fun. This is the best group and we have so much fun. I love doing these movies. I get really sad when I think that we’re almost done.”

Elizabeth Banks also shared, “I’d love to see Suzanne Collins write something else that we could expand on. We love these characters. I think people are really fascinated to see where their lives go.”

So far, the studio has denied speculations about the “Hunger Games” franchise continuing beyond the final installment.


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