“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” is just a few months away. The final installment in what has not only been a smash hit film franchise, but a part of every fans life for the past three years.

Being a fan myself, it’s hard to imagine how life would be without the year-long excitement and longing I feel every time I watch the newest “THG” installment. And like me, every fan would probably have uttered the phrases “I want to be a baker’s apprentice!”, “Oh my gosh! Finnick!”, “I want me some sugar cubes”, “Peeta’s gone bonkers!” and “Wonder how Snow’s mouth tastes like…”.

As we near the end of the Panem chaos, let’s look back at the best moments of the “Hunger Games” franchise — from both the books and the movies.

1. “I volunteer as tribute!”

If this part — both in the book and the movie — didn’t move you to tears, then congratulations my friend, you have a heart of stone. These very words started the crazy, torturing and empowering journey of Katniss Everdeen.

The 16-year-old girl stood up for her sister Primrose, taking the younger Everdeen’s place in the reaping and ultimately joining the 74th Hunger Games. Just remembering that scene from “The Hunger Games” movie is giving me goosebumps!

2. Peeta Admits Feelings for Katniss

Anyone who first read the books before seeing the films or hearing anything about the franchise should admit that they fell in love with Gale first. Come on? He was Katniss’ knight in shining armor. That is until Peeta revealed his true feelings for Katniss. *Cue: Aaaww!*

While being interviewed by Ceasr Flickerman, the young baker revealed that winning the games won’t help him win the girl of his dreams’ heart, “because…she came here with me.”

3. “You love me. Real or Not Real?” “Real.”

To anyone reading this list and doesn’t have any idea what this “real or not real” part is, PUH-LEASE! Pull out “Mockingjay” from your dusty bookshelf, turn to the last page and read these lines. It will definitely make you melt.

4. “Katniss, remember I…”

Fans who only saw the movies won’t be familiar with this part since it was omitted from the first “Hunger Games” movie.

Book Recap: Katniss volunteered as tribute, and her best friend Gale, who is obviously in love with Everdeen, were among the last ones she saw before leaving for the games. After Gale makes Katniss promise she’ll do her best to live, he says “Katniss, remember I…” and the Peacekeepers yanks Gale outside the room.

Now, we’ll never know what he was supposed to say, but my whole heart says he was going to say “Remember, I love you!”

5. Finnick and His Sugar Cubes

I don’t know about you, but before “Catching Fire” the movie came out, I’ve been dying to see how Finnick Odaire’s sugar cubes will make their triumphant appearance on the movie. And they sure did in style.

6. Peeta Gooes Crazy!

We all know Peeta would go crazy at some point in the story. President Snow captures him, tortures him with tracker jacker venom and manipulates him against Katniss. But I was not ready for how that scene in the movie turned out.

I think people in the movie house were more concerned of how I reacted when I saw the scene than with Peeta actually jumping on Katniss. I jumped on my seat (while on Indian style position), popcorn all over me and my seat mates, and squealed like a pig.

7. “If we burn, You burn with us!”

Best battle cry of the century! While visiting the victims of war in District 8, President Snow sends his men for an air raid. Seeing the destruction made by the Capitol hoverplanes and peacekeepers, Katniss faces the camera for the best propo line ever: “Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!”

8. Primrose Dies

Katniss never wanted to be the face of the rebellion nor did she want anything to do with the Capitol. She just wanted to save her sister from imminent death after being picked as a tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. The fight was merely for Prim — stay alive, have enough money for food, and a home at the Victors’ Village.

Yet after war broke out between the Districts and the Capitol, Katniss was slapped with harshest of all harsh events in her life — Prim died because of Snow; because of an explosion which the President initiated.

Primrose death was the saddest of all parts in the books (and probably the movies), and it’s one fans will forever remember.

9. “That is Mahogany!”

Seriously, who doesn’t know this line? Thanks to Effie Trinket’s (Elizabeth Banks) weird accent, the almost irrelevant phrase in the “Hunger Games” books have become one of the most notable lines in the film series.

10. Cinna Gets Beat Up Before Katniss Eyes

Katniss was making her way up the launch room tubes for her second Hunger Games when she sees Peacekeepers drag Cinna and beat him up to his death. Cinna was one of Katniss’ best friends and the one who created “the girl on fire” theme for her.

“Remember, girl on fire, I’m still betting on you.”