Conor McGregor is definitely a force to be reckoned with in MMA. Brazilian featherweight Jose Aldo has been hankering for a rematch after his UFC 194 loss.

Jose Aldo is keen to avenge himself from Conor McGregor after losing to the champion from a right-hand swing. The bout only lasted for 13 seconds. Much to Aldo’s embarrassment, his MMA fighting history has been tarnished.

In his upcoming match against Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, Jose Aldo made it known that he is out to get McGregor.

“I will get there and run through Edgar. It doesn’t matter what happens, we will win the fight. After that, we will get McGregor even if it’s in the streets,” said the former UFC featherweight champion through

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But before Jose Aldo gets his redemption, he will have to make good on his words of winning against Edgar. The two has already faced each other in UFC 156. Through a unanimous decision, Aldo won over The Answer.

This time, the two will meet for the UFC 200 interim title bout on the Octagon on July 9.

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Jose Aldo has praised The Answer’s new fighting stance but is confident he will defeat The Answer.

Aldo has had 18 successful fights before going down with a right-hand swing from 145-pound champion Conor McGregor, International Business Times recounts.

With Jose Aldo’s well-meaning threat, Conor McGregor may soon have to go back to training. Instead of daydreaming about fantasy fights with undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., McGregor will be better off conditioning himself.

UFC President Dana White has since clarified that there will be no McGregor-Mayweather fight. Though reports have already dubbed it as the ‘The Billion-Dollar Fight.’

“Those fights are fun to talk about but are very hard to make,” Dana White commented to Daily Star.

As for an Aldo-McGregor rematch, only Frankie Edgar is standing in Aldo’s way. If Aldo loses, there will always be the streets free for Aldo and McGregor to take advantage of.