MLB 2015: Cubs Wins vs Cardinals; 8 Facts About Epic Win

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The Chicago Cubs beat St. Louis Cardinals, 6-4, in Game 4 to advance to the National League Championship Series for the first time in 12 years. Anthony Rizzo broke the 4-4 tie in the sixth inning with his second home run and clinched a playoff series at Wrigley Field, as reported by ESPN.

The CBS Sports has discussed about facts related to their epic win before they play for the NL pennant.

So, here are 8 facts about Chicago Cubs and their momentous win.

  1. The Cubs win a postseason series at home.

    The Cubs have only own four postseason series in their franchise history and their win at Wrigley Field is their first home win in 12 years. Their last series win came in 2003, over the Braves at Turner Field.

  2. Joe Maddon predicted the win last November.

    Regarded as one of the most talented and entertaining managers, the 61-year-old joined the Cubs back in November at a staggering $25 million contract. He was fast enough to predict the fate of playoffs as he stated, “I’m gonna be talking playoffs next year. I’ll tell you that right now. I can’t go to spring training and say anything else. You have to set your goals high, because if you don’t set them high enough you might hit your mark, and that’s not a good thing. We’re gonna talk World Series this year, and I’m gonna believe it. It’s in our future.”

  3. The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908.

    It is very interesting to note that the Cubs have made their first playoff appearance since 2008 and they haven’t had the chance to taste world championship glory since 1908.

  4. Third best record in baseball.

    The Chicago Cubs have the 3rd best record in baseball this season, 97-65.

  5. The Curse.

    “Murphy”, Sianis’ goat, was not allowed to enter Wrigley Field for game 4 of the 1945 World series because “the goat smelled”. The Sianis cursed the Cubs which is superstitiously believed to keep the Cubs away from the World Series since 1945.

  6. Big Names failed to deliver for the Cardinals

    You expect the big names to deliver in the big games. Certainly, they failed to do so. The CBS Sports notes, “the trio of Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday and Peralta went a combined 7 for 40 (.175) in the four-game series”.

  7. The Chicago Franchise was there even before the National League even existed.

    The Franchise ben in the year 1871 in the National Association way before the National League. They were known as the Chicago White Stockings.

  8. Injury wrecked Cardinals.

    The Cardinals didn’t have the same pitching stuff in the NLDS. The Injuries really hurt their chances.

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