Mitchell Pearce found himself in a lot of trouble. As the Daily Mail UK quoted, “Mitchell Pearce’s poor choice of role models could be one reason why he’s in the trouble he’s in today.”

The Rugby League star while in the middle of a lewd-video controversy posted a picture on Instagram with the disgraced former NRL Todd Carney – calling him a “Great Man”. They were both part of the Sydney Rooster’s team back in the 2010-11 season.

“Carney was caught in a ‘bubbling scandal’ after he was photographed urinating into his own mouth taken in a hotel toilet in 2014,” notes the source.

In his Instagram post, Mitchell Pearce wrote, “Hanging with me old 6 n 7 before he leaves his (sic) a great man.”

The controversy doesn’t end there. The 26-year-old was caught “simulating a sexual act with a dog and ‘urinating on himself’ at an Australia Day house party,” as per the Daily Mail sources.

The video record caught him saying, “‘I wanna f*** animals.”

“I’ll f*** that dog, I don’t give a f***. I don’t have a sexuality.”

He continued to slur in the video and also urinated down his pants in front of the partygoers.

Pearce also tried to kiss a woman in the party.

Catharine Lumby, the NRL’s gender adviser, stated that “Enough is enough.”

The AU News quoted her as saying, “The act with the dog was aimed at the woman. If you look at the whole incident it was complete disrespect to the woman and the act with the dog was a way of insulting her.”

“I’d say stand him down. It’s completely unacceptable behaviour. The NRL has shown leadership in the past and they need to show leadership now.”

Pearce has been stood down by the club after the controversy and is set to be fined $50,000.

Trent Robinson of NRL has also condemned the “unacceptable behaviour”.