A plane wreckage was reported to be found in a remote island in the Philippines. Speculations suggest that the wreckage may be from the missing Malaysian Airline MH370.

Daily Mail reports that an audio technician named Jamil Omar reported to the Malaysian Police that his aunt, Siti Kayam, found the site of the plane wreckage.

Kayam and her group was in a “thick jungle on the remote island of Sugbai in Tawi-Tawi province” hunting for birds.

Police Commissioner from Borneo, Jalaludin Abdul Rahman, said that Kayam went inside the plane and “saw skeletons.”

The report also claimed that a skeleton remained in the pilot’s seat, wearing its safety belt and communication gear.

Rahman said, “Mr Jamil claimed his aunt had entered the aircraft wreckage, which had many human skeletons and bones. She also found a Malaysian flag measuring 70 inches long and 35 inches wide.”

Speculations were then made that the plane wreckage could be the missing Malaysian Airline MH370.

However, Philippine authorities dismissed such claims.

Captain Giovanni Carlo Bacordo, commander of Naval Task Force 61, told The Star Online that a gunboat was deployed to investigate Jamil’s claims. Bacordo claims that no resident has knowledge about the wreckage.

“We deployed a gunboat there because of the news. We interviewed the people at the Sugbay Island, the fishermen, but they have no knowledge about it,” said Bacordo.

Bacordo even added, “Even the people residing in the island for the longest time have no knowledge of this.”

The Malaysian Airline MH370 has been missing since March 2014 with 239 people on board. Earlier this year, there has been a report that a flaperon – “a part of its aircraft wing” – was found by French authorities in the Reunion Island located in West of Indian Ocean.

Should the plane wreckage be from the MH370 flight, Daily Mail notes that “it would be unlikely that the flaperon had been able to drift from the Philippines to Reunion.”