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A public service announcement, or PSA has been disseminated in the Land Down Under by GeoScience Australia addressing inaccurate scientific information in the popular video game “Minecraft.” The PSA warning is titled “The Geology Of Minecraft” (Davis, L.I., 2014. The Geology of Minecraft. Geoscience Australia, Canberra.). It is a poster that presents facts and information about various stones, rocks and gems. It includes details about obsidian, diamond, cobblestone, gold ore, iron ore, lapis lazuli and redstone. It aims to teach school children about science and geology.

The GeoScience Australia poster that compares “Minecraft” and Geology is geared for display in several Aussie classrooms. It was published in 2014. It notes that Obsidian usually comes in the colour black, not purple. Plus, the volcanic glass is not resistant to TNT, nor does it burn. It also clarifies that diamonds aren’t used to make armour and cobblestones are not formed from flowing lava and water.

“Gold is very soft, nearly as soft as fingernails, and so is not useful for pickaxes or armour. Gold is not as durable as leather,” states “The Geology Of Minecraft” poster on GeoScience Australia’s official website.

Below are other important information about Redstone, Lapis Lazuli and Iron ore.

Redstone: Stones that are coloured red are not really called by this name. But a real red rock is actually referred to as Jasper.

Iron Ore: This produces iron and it contains magnetite and hematite minerals in its composition. To extract iron, the ore must be smelt in a blast furnace that operates at 2000o C.

Lapis Lazuli: This rock is blue in colour and it contains the mineral lazurite. It has various uses including jewellery (rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants), eye shadow and dyes for paints and fabrics.

Microsoft’s “Minecraft,” the hugely successful game by Swedish independent game studio Mojang, is an open-world game with no specific goals set for its players. As such, players of this video game have lots of freedom to play the game their way. However, it does have achievement system.

“Minecraft” players must break, gather and place different blocks or cubes at fixed locations on the game’s grid. The cubes are made up of different materials including stone, ores, water, dirt and tree trunks. Mojang and “Minecraft” were both acquired by Microsoft on September 15, 2014 for the sum of $2.5 billion.

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