“The Mindy Project” Season 5 is about to end on July 5 but rumor has it that Mindy and Jody might break up. Catch the details below.

Yes, they finally kissed but TV Guide notes that they might not have a happy ending. The website notes that Jody has a secret that Mindy would not take lightly.

This possibility sheds hope for Mindy and Danny fans. However, the latter will allegedly create a stir on the finale.

According to the website, the jeopardy will break one of their hearts. But which one is it? Find out when the last episode of “The Mindy Project” airs on Tuesday.

On the other hand, Hulu announces the great new for the fans. Season 5 will be back on October 4, reports TV Line. There will be 16 episodes which will also air every Tuesday.

Meanwhile, showrunner Mindy Kaling revealed that the show’s move from Fox to Hulu gave her relief. She also told Variety that she already have an ending in mind. Will this happen after Season 5?

First, Kaling said that not knowing the ratings has been a “freeing process.”

“I think that’s great. I don’t need the Wednesday morning panicky feeling,” she said. “The ratings from the [night before] govern your entire morning. I’m so happy not to be part of that anymore,” the showrunner added.

Then, she went on to explain that she do not have a specific timeline in mind although she knows how to end the story. Kaling added further that she is “tempted by a lot of other interesting things.”

The showrunner did not provide hints about Season 5 plot so the fans should wait for more updates. However, various reports speculate that the show will have massive change of characters.

TV Line (via Breathecast) reported previously that Danny (Chris Messina) will not have much appearance on the upcoming season. But the website made it clear that will indeed be on season 5.

“The Mindy Project” began in 2012. Michael Alan Spiller directed most of the episodes while Mindy Kaling teams with David Stassen and Ike Barinholtz for the script. The comedy series also stars the showrunner and Chris Messina as Danny.